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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by granch, Jan 8, 2003.

  1. granch

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    Has anyone out there taken the dietary supplement IGF-1?
  2. klutzo

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    I've tried all the various stimulators and secreatagogues out there and none worked.
    The research done shows only injections of hGH are effective. There is zero research showing otherwise, and I think people who think these things are helping are experiencing the placebo effect, or an effect from something else they are doing or taking at the same time. Injections are $$$, but Eli Lily has a study you may be able to get into if your hGH level is abnormally low. Studies show 30% of FMS patients have low hGH. The blood test should not be for hGH though, since that is very changeable....
    You should have your doc run a blood test for baseline IGF-1 before taking anything, as too much of that stuff is worse than too little (faster tumor growth rates, glucose problems, etc.).
    There is an organization called Supplement Watch that has lots of good material on this. Check out their website (not allowed to post it....against the rules here).
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    The downside of the Hgh injections is that the material feeds any cancer cells in the body. For this reason, many docs do not feel this is a safe treatment and prefer using the Hgh stimulants instead. They cause the body to produce its own Hgh only if it is needed and the cancer connection is not a threat with this treatment.

    There is an excellent article on our Home Page by Dr. Cheney regarding our unbalanced immune systems.

    Love, Mikie