Igg subclass deficiency

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  1. Marianne10

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    Has anyone with cfs had blood work done for subclass defic.
    2 out of 4 of mine were low. Specialist says this is common in cfs.
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    I didn't see your post until this morning. I was gone yesterday because I was getting my 1st IVIG infusion to get my IgG levels back into the normal range. I was dx'd about a month ago with a PID (Primary Immune Deficiency)...what I have is Combined Immune Deficiency because I also came back with 2 subsets in the low range. I am defiecient in subsets 1 and 3 and my total IgG was low also.

    What subsets were you low in and what are your #'s. Has your dr suggested the IVIG treatment plan for you yet?

    I have done a number of posts on this...if you click on my name you can read my posts about it...or you can put IgG in the search button at the top.

    If you have any questions please feel free to ask. I will help in any way that I can. When I was first dx'd I was very confused with all this new information that I had to research. It was very overwhelming at first.



    p.s. What type of a dr are you seeing for this?
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    Listen to Debbie (above).

    I'm low in IgG4 and IgM...just found out yesterday. I'll see my immunologist on Tuesday. I fired my former immunologist she wouldn't do a subclass on me. Well low and behold I deficient and she can kiss my ....

    Plenty of similarities between PID and CFIDS.

    Do a search here and on google for IgG subclass deficiency.