Iggy RN how are you doing????

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    Iggy, just wondering how the doctor appointment went today? Did you find out anything else about the CT scan results???? I am still praying for you and your family. Please let me know about any news you have. Love, Hippen
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    I should find out tomorrow at the Docs Appt @ 10AM. (Wednesday) I have really calmed down quite a bit since last week... I just feel this sorta' sick feelin' in my stomach from being so worried. I cant thank you enough for the professional and friendly advice. you helped me pull thru this week. It does seem isolated in one area doesn't it? So whatever it it I pray they will get rid of it. You know another thing, I have a benign tumor on my liver (hemangioma) and fatty tumor on my leg, they say that usually if you have these there are many more inside your body? Is that true? I pray thats all it is. Its not that Im self absorbed, I just am a Mother, and this to me is everything. I pray for it not to be something that I;ll have to go thru chemo or stuff like that, That will make my daughter's whole childhood probably focused on "the Sick Mommy" I do not want that, I try to hide as much of this as possible. She has been around death in the family literally, and thats enough!!! I'll post tomorrow ASAP, write back if you can, Love and prayers, Iggy
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