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  1. beth0818

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    i never realized how ignorant people can be until i was diagnosed with cfs. many people in my life still think i am just a lazy hypochondriac. sometimes i think about moving to canada where it is at least an accepted illness to have lol
  2. elsa

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    I'm sorry. We all had to find a way that works for us in insuring we weren't maligned and treated like head cases that happen to be lazy.

    It may take a while, but do correct them. Or at least correct any misconceptions that you will tolerate that kind of behavior.

    The last time I came across this I said something like CFS- It is what it is ... It's well documented. Your ridiculousness is something I just can't be bothered with. Either take the time to educate yourself, or continue to embarrass yourself .... It's totally your decision. But you're going to do it away from me because I have this thing about stupid people ... and like I said, I can't be bothered.

    It worked quite well. Softly spoken with a smile ... basically humiliated them where the stood. Truth of the matter, I really can't be bothered. Too busy getting on with my goal of remission. However, I had to set them straight before I sent them out of my sight.

    Good luck sweetie ... I'm sorry you have to deal with these people. Find a way to remove their influnence, or at least stop them from voicing their stupidity.


  3. JLH

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    Unfortunately, ignorance is everywhere.

    Sometimes, it is not that the people are ignorant, it is the fact that they are just uninformed. Most people have never heart of FMS or CFS. If they are your family or close friends, you would think that they might have an interest into reading up on it so they could understand your problems. However, life usually doesn't work that way. People are too busy and don't have time to study up on something that doesn't affect them or someone in their household.

    I would probably read up on something that someone in my family would have, but everyone is different.

    Would you know what I was talking about if I told you that I experience supraventricular tachacardia? Probably not. Most of my family do not care either--all they know is that I have all kinds of heart trouble. But at least they know it's about the heart!

    I would imagine that CFS has more problems being misunderstood than FMS. If you say you have chronic fatigue syndrome--I can see where people might think that if you rested up a lot, your fatigue would get better--but not realize that this is a chronic condition and that it also entails many other things.

    I just dismiss the disbelievers out of my life and never even try to educate them. I find that they always have their minds made up anyway. I know that some day, their day will come when they get sick -- and I'll remember the things that they said to me!!!

    BTW, Beth, even though CFS may be an accepted illness in Canada, that doesn't mean that there are fewer ignorant and uninformed people there! It's probably like this EVERYWHERE!

    We are in a group of our own!
  4. Rosiebud

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    there probably are many people who still dont accept it in Canada even though their medical profession does. It is down to ignorance and to not being bothered enough to read up on it.

    People who knew me for years as a strong, confident, healthy woman think I woke up one morning and decided I couldnt walk properly. Just taking the rest of my life off because I cant be bothered!

    Good for you Elsa, you made me laugh. I wish I could react like that.

    I have to practice.

  5. NyroFan

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    It is true. We go from energetic, vital women to
    people who can barely get out of bed.

    I do not let them bother me anymore. It is too much for my brain to comprehend how many uneducated people are out there.

    And I do not think the disease is getting enough media attention lately.

  6. SoxFan

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    You're right, NyroFan! We really need to see and hear about CFIDS and FMS on Dr Phil, on local news programs, in magazine articles, etc. So many people just have no CLUE what these illnesses are. The more exposure we get, the more understanding we will get. (And more $$$ for research!)