Ignorant doctors

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by cfspete, Oct 10, 2006.

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    Not funny at all, but somewhat typical - before I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia and CFS my local doctor (who after so many weekly visits the next place I should visit was a psychiatrist as I was a hypocondriac as far as he was concerned) I suggested from reading a magazine that I may have Fibromyalgia he said "oh you don't have that-that is an old womans disease" and as I am male and not old it did't apply-shame all the symptoms matched. After being diagnosed with FMS I told my orthopedic surgeon what I had, in case of complications for future surgery, (a broken leg set off the conditions) he said "oh-get someone to give you a back massage and you'll be right" not realising the implications with anesthetic I was to have for the second op and possible post complications.
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    I have got a huge problem over here, oh the doctors have heard of fibromyalgia and cfs alright, they just don't want to treat anyone with it!??

    My GP has left and the new one wants me to find someone else!! Have been to two doctors today to get pain releif for my migraine..... Both didn;t want to interfer with what my GP is doing....... I said she's doing noting cause she wants me to find a new one.. Was quickly told that they weren't taking on any new patients and that i needed to find a GP real soon to get my pain under control????

    And i was there for what??? With both doctors i left with prescriptions for things i have already got, which are not working. If i had been 'weller' there would have been alot of shouting and gnashing of teeth and a few swear words..... But as it was, i have been in agony since friday night, already had felt kicked in guts by the first doctor... The 2nd doctor i just burst into tears.

    Told me it's not so bad and to hurry up and find a doctor.??? Told him i have been waytoo sick to start looking yet, and i thought you could get help from emergency doctors.... well obviously not..

    Sorry to moan on like this but saw you post ignorant doctors,,,,,, oh yessss.. can call them alot of other names but then i'd be wiped off the board!!!

    I have been under anesthetic a few times and other than nausia, i didn't have any problems, also healed faster than i thouhgt i would... but i wasn't dealing with broken bones either. good luck and talk to the anesthesiolist about it too.

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