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    Shannon, I'm sorry to see that you had to be beaten down by those ignorant persons. They do not understand the difficulties you face and they have no business judging you or anyone else. They never walked in your shoes, so they don't know, and don't wish to know, the hardships you are experiencing.

    The male sounds to me like he is sensing the fragile state you are in and is trying to take advantage of it. Be careful of him.

    I understand how you feel. If I mention any difficulties that I am having at work, most of my co workers just laugh about it or look at me like I'm crazy. I am beginning to get to the point where I no longer think that I can keep working as I deal with the public all day and the brain fog is keeping me from doing my job properly. I wish you well and good friends are hard to come by. There are some really nice, caring people on this message board though. They care! Suzanne
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    Deffinately going to avoid him. Too bad he is married to my best friend. You know, he is rude to everyone who calls him when he answers the phone on principle, because the person calling MIGHT be a telemarketer???!!!!

    Don't worry. I am too old to put up with this nonsense. (23 is old enough for someone with the DD!!!) Thanks for the support.

    Sorry you have to put up with the jerks at work Suzanne.
    (((soft hugs)))

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