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    Do you all have problems with dealing with years of ignored pain?? I am having alot of problems dwellling on being ignored for so long!! I am a kind sincere person but seem to have a problem with forgiveness-grudges.

    Numerous trips to the er with terrible pain mostly girdle type pain across midle of chest went undiagnosed.They gave me shots for pain. Out the door. Now one time after the er doc called my GI doctor and he said to send me home, I pitched a fit. I am not the most assertive person around. This was a big step for me. I satated "THERE IS SOMETHING WRONG WITH ME" The er doc called my GI doc back and they admitted me. did a cat scan anfd found a verntral hernia and had surgery. Then a couple of times I had pancreatitis and was admitted. But so many times They could find nothing wrong.

    The last time I was at er was June of 2003, the er doc
    almost got in my face and said "It costs hundreds of dollars to run tests" can you believe that. I then informed him I was seeing a new internist and maybe he could figure out what was going on with me. Well he did in about 2-3 visits. I have not been back to er for 2 years-

    My doctor told me not to go to ER as they were not diagnostitians!!!!! He told me the docs at er call him often because they are stumped!!! This doctor i see is one of the top 100 docs in Oklahoma and he is a keeper.

    I think all this ignored pain really messes up your central nervous system. I am on 300 mgm effexor daily and it is for depression but also pain control. My doctor says usually after two years on this, it helps to re regulate your central nervous system to deal with pain in a normal way.

    So I have a real hard time forgiving the medical community for not giving me any real answers. I also went from doctor to doctor. I am a very intuitive person and knew something wasn't right for so long. My first symptom was exhaustion after walking in the park. I would complain to doctors and they would just look at me!!!My doctor tells me that I have been validated now!! well it is just many years to late!!! I also had numerous surgeries, to calm my pain!!

    I also lost my career in nursing which I loved. I am only 58 and to young to be on ssdi!!!

    Thanks for listening and would love to hear your imput.
    How do I learn to forgive??? I is a hard thing for me.

    This board is wonderful. I learn so much from all of you. I cherish this place. It is a soft place to fall!!!
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    This board should be called "Our Soft Place To Fall." That's perfect.

    I don't really have any advice for you... I think I'm in a similar position. I'm so darn angry at not being taken seriously, or being treated like a junkie because I ask to have my pain treated, (what, am I supposed to just HINT that I don't like being in pain?)or worst of all, having a doctor look at you with that empty stare when you tell them you have Fibromyalgia.

    Thank God you've found a good doc now. I think I may have too.
    And thank you for starting this topic. I'm interested to see if anyone has an answer.
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    that there are so many nurses on this board!

    Like you I knew something was wrong most of my life and was always dismissed as drug seeking and/or mental.

    While in nursing school I sortof figured it out but that was almost 10years ago and I refused to utter the word "Fibromyalgia" to anyone espically doctors. Now I have a firm diagnosis of FM in addition to things I had been telling other docs for years and I still feel like crap...scared to say the word sometimes...

    I now have nerve damage in my back/legs due to a disk problem that showed up on mri over 10years ago and no one would even look at...that makes me MAD!!!!!!

    I just found out I am dangerously deficient in lots of things...I tried to tell my last doc this and she told me to deal with it all...can you say pissed!

    When I had my son we were in and out of the docs office for a while with ear infections...I always knew way b4 he say ran a fever or pulled his ears...I just kenw and the pedi always said "trust your instints"...as a mother taht is fine but as a patient yourself it makes you a junkie!

    Wonder how many nurses are here? may need ot start a thread o that

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    You know what irks me even more than the doctors who ignored or didn't listen to my complaints? It's the fact that I ignored how awful I was feeling and just kept pushing and pushing for years.

    That's why I'm so depleted of just about everything measurable.

    I should have had a clue that it wasn't normal to have to use every ounce of energy I had on going to work. I was so good at dismissing pain and fatigue that I quit a job with excellent benefits--including long term disability. If I'd paid attention, I would be drawing 60% of my salary tax free.

    So, Bapakay, I hope you can let go of your anger and use that precious energy to make you feel better. I expect I will hang onto my home business as long as I can, then turn to SSDI. I guess I'm still in denial!

    Take care!