ignorent people in society today

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    I was thinking of this topic as I was reading everyones threads on here about all of the judging that we all get from society.It doesn't matter if they are doctors,social workers,co-workers,bosses,etc,etc.If these people would take one look at themselves maybe then they would not be judging anyone,because I"m sure that their actions one day will catch up with them and then we will be the ones to judge them.I have run into this problem so many times that if I had a dollar for every time that this happened I would be a millionaire.How would they feel if they could feel our pain,know our thoughts,live a life of suffering endlessly only to have people like them making statements of well you look fine and the world is full of people wanting a free ride from anyone who will pay.Labeling us as lazy, worthless,so society would be better off if we all crawled away and were never heard from again.I say we all get together and write a statement of how we may all look normal but you can't see the pain we feel the emotions we feel the problems we have to go through just getting out of bed in itself can set us back in a flare if we happened to move the wrong way.I am willing to fight this to the end and if I get fed up with these statements about us then the day will come that these people are going to see how crazy they have made me and not my illnesses of the cause of being crazy.
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    The funny thing is that I used to be one of those ignorant people...
    Ha ha. But the laugh is on me because now I have CFIDS and no one believes me!!!! Educating people is the key---especially medical professionals. Although most of them don't like to be told anything especially not by the patient.
    But we have to unite and persevere. We have to stay positive and be credible.
    We have to stand up to ignorant doctors and the insurance companies.

    I have been told by several doctors that I have depression, I'm bipolar, I'm psychotic or I'm making it all up for attention. I've been denied disability as well as health insurance several times and people look at me and shake their heads as if I'm totally mental. Uh...if I were lazy, I wouldn't have two Master's Degrees, a black belt in karate and used to run 50 miles a week just because I liked it! Most people with CFIDs were at one time very highly functional people--and will be again one day!
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    but unfortunately you can not change people if they are not willing to learn.

    Everyone and I do mean everyone is ignorant about something it is just that some are at least willing to learn and some could care less.

    Please do not let those who refuse to learn upset you frankly they are not worth your time or energy.

    While I agree it is frustrating-I prefer using my energy doing something I enjoy rather than upsetting myself with ignorant people. I just refuse to be bothered with them.

    I hope it gets better for you,

    Karen :)
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    Reading this brought back a memory of what a girl I knew said to me one time when she found out that I am on disability. She commented that her taxes were paying for my medical problems and that it wasn't fair. I believe that we should treat others as we would like to be treated and in the spirit of that guess what my response was to her.
    I gave her a really big hug and thanked her for saving my life by paying those taxes. I informed her that if I had to pay for the heart surgery that I had in 1998, it would have been over 250 thousand dollars. I know because I saw the bill! After I hugged her she appologized and admitted that there are some people that deserve it. I told her that I wouldnt mind if every time she looks at her paycheck to think of me and how her money went towards saving me.
    I can only wish it would be that easy to get through all of the closed minds of the world, but it won't. For the nasty ones that won't open there minds and not judge me, their Karma will get them. I don't have to bother myself with feelings of hate or disappointment.
    take care and God bless.
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    I will remember this Sandy.And if I am ever in the same place as you were then I'm going to use your advice.Thanks so much