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Discussion in 'Spirituality/Worship' started by Mikie, Aug 9, 2003.

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    To those of you who are believers 08/08/03 09:34 PM

    I just thought I'd share something with you that has been very encouraging to me. I just thought of it today.

    I've been really struggling with this fibro thing because I always thought God gave me my artistic gift to serve Him, but this disease makes my hands hurt too much to draw, and I'm too tired to be creative. I've been wondering what, then, am I meant to do? How do I serve Him now? What is my purpose in life? It's a pretty depressing question to ask, particularly when you're tired, in pain, and, well, depressed. But it occurred to me today that I know He knew me from the womb, and He has always had a plan for my life, and this disease is no surprise to Him, so none of this has interrupted His plans for me at all! I'm still on track! I don't know about you, but knowing that made my day. I hope it's helpful to you, too.

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    Great post, 08/08/03 09:41 PM

    I'm right there with you, IgotYou! I am a firm believer. You are right, God knew us from the womb. Whatever His purpose was for us then, it still is now. He is the same Yesterday, Today, and Forever!




    Thanks! 08/08/03 09:44 PM

    Thanks for sharing that wonderful message...one I need to be reminded of over and over! I only got to teach pre-K 3 years before having to quit due to CFS..I always thought that was why God made me and gave me such talents and passions for it. It was hard to not ask Him 'why' all the time. My brother reminded me once that Jesus Himself only had his ministry on earth for 3 years. Anyway, you are so right..He made us and loves us and is working even when we cannot see it or understand! And He takes joy in who we are, not just what we do.
    His grace and strength to you,
    Zephaniah 3:17



    Hi <>< 08/08/03 09:49 PM

    I know what you mean! My husband and I have had a ministry and have been pastors for 12 years and decided to take the last 15 months off to deal with these things. Like you said He knows what we are going thru and He is in control. I had ovarian cancer in 98 and he gave me strenght for that and I believe I am healed to day. I been cancer free for 5 years. I believed it made me so much stronger and more of a compassionate person..PTL



    Moderator Hi IgotYou........................ 08/08/03 09:52 PM

    While I was in serious pain and had an awesome amount of symptoms from this FM, I was still going strong for the Lord.

    Read my Profile, and save me the time to write out some of what I used to do :), but you are right. For awhile after I had to give up so much that I did, I know that being here on this board has been heaven sent by Him.

    I have found out, it does not matter where we are, or what we are doing there He is leading us when we are open to Him.

    I have had this FM now for over twenty years, so the pain has been with me for a very longtime.

    If you are interested we do have a Worship Board on this site that is very active right now. We also have a Thursday Night Prayer session.

    Just go to the link 'Message Boards', click there and an index will come up, just click on 'Worship board' and it wil bring you there.

    Thanks for your post, and I do hope you get well enough to continue with your art.

    Shalom, Shirl



    Im definitely a believer! 08/08/03 09:58 PM

    Thank you for a wonderful thought. This illness has slowed down my nursing career, which I know is God inspired due to months and months of prayer before I even started nursing. But I truly do think that he is in control and I do trust him, sometimes I am not happy about his decisions and sometimes I am. Thanks again for the post it makes me think about his plan for us all. Love Iggy



    Thanks for the Confirmation.... 08/08/03 10:01 PM

    Thanks for the Confirmation to my prayers in asking God what is happening here. I thought he was happy with all the work I was doing in seving him. Was very active in His Name! Now I don't have energy nor desire to call a friend or anyone for that matter. I didn't understand until I read your posting. Our God is a Merciful and True God. I love the way he uses his Children to speak his words in times of need. PRAISE GOD!!!
    You have really made me happy. Thank you for being obedient to his call.

    Let Go and Let God....that's what we all have to do.

    LOL & Blessings

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    i believe..... 08/09/03 05:53 AM

    where ever you are now, is exactly where you are suppose to be.



    [ edit | delete ] Yes, 08/09/03 06:49 AM

    We do have a Worship Forum for posts like this which are such an inspiration to all of us. We do try to keep this area for illness-related posts due to the tremendous volume of posts. Simply click on Message Boards above and it will bring up a menu of our forums. We also have a Chit Chat Forum and I encourage everyone to visit there. You can discuss most everything over there.

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us.

    Love, Mikie



    something for the pain 08/09/03 08:08 AM

    i forgot to tell you this earlier (it's the fog!)
    but when i quit teaching, i ,too, asked God, "what good am i just lying around sick? how can i serve you now?" i was led to my church's prayer chain and 2 years later became the co-leader..praying is a powerful thing i can do... and from my couch! :)

    to make sure this post remains illness related....
    i found a new prescription called BEXTRA and it has provided tremendous relief from my joint pain...nothing else has ever worked.

    i will pray that God will heal your pain so you may draw again for Him...and when you do, i want to buy one of your masterpieces!



    I was so excited 08/09/03 09:07 AM

    when God opened the doors for me to go back to school so I could become a social worker. But with the FM I can't even imagine ever being able to finish. I too wondered what now? I know the scriptures say if we even give a cup of water in His name we do it as if we do it to him...hmmmm that means there are people all around me that I can be doing something for and it's for him. I think sometimes we just have to "bloom where we are planted". God always brings people my way...in the store, while getting gas, on campus...etc. I hope this helps. God is the expert weaver, when we look up, all we see is the crossed and knotted threads, but He sees the beautiful pattern that is emerging!



    I had the same thoughts, then. . . . . 08/09/03 09:49 AM

    i realized i am here to serve the Lord not the other way around. When i am in alot of pain and can't do to much, I pray alot for others and do alot of scriptual reading. Caring and loving for others can be hard at times, but our main purpose is to serve the Lord and love one another. I guess i feel blessed that i have taken a few steps back to realize what was missing in my life when i was running on full speed. This syndrome i believe is a blessing in disguise. I had to take a hard look at myself and let go of alot of things i thought were so important. It is a comfort to know there are alot of christians on this board. God Bless You. mamafrey

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    I wish I had a answer for you too. I too have the creative and artistic sides to me. Like graphic design, desktop publishing. Seems everytime I try and go out and work, so many road blocks come up. The pain with FM, depression, not knowing I will feel from one day to the next. Been through this job search thing, going back to school, vocational rehab..etc. It just never works out, comes together.. you know? Prayed a few nights ago. And then this light came on in my head.. Work from home. So going to try that now.

    Taking it easy doing so though. Not expecting giant steps, things to happen overnight. I think this time around though, it will happen.