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    I am getting frusterated by this being so tired all the time and no one has a reason why I should feel this way.
    I called the surgern and his ressponce was to go to the ER if I had a temp of 101 or higher and if my insision sites looked infected and had a dranage and they don't and my temp is 97.6 and my B/P is 145/75 so I am ok there.

    My pain doctor tells me that I should expect to feel drained and exhusted for a few months after this surgery and I have talked with another doctor as I stil have some cramping where they put the scopes in and the doctor told me that when they shove the scope in to your skin and thru to where they need to go it will leave a trail and it will hurt for quite a while. He told me more than I wanted to hear about what they did in this surgery , I was told that my diaphram was lifted up to get to the gall bladder and that could have been bruised and some people jus take longer to get theri body back to it's normal.

    So I guess that is me I am just taking my sweet time about healing and recoveing from this surgery. I have alot of stress in my life and it bothers me quite abit and i worry about my husband who is diebetic and does not eat right ,so right there I am adding to the feeling of being tired.

    I have had so many surgeries that it seems like I just take more than the "Normal person does to heal" I don't get my energy back as fast as I should so when I went in to the pain doctor I asked him about why was I so tired and sleepy. HE said that Since I take narcotic pain meds it may be that it just takes longer for all the anesthia to get out of my body. And my body is already tired and not feeling good because of the pain I have from the degenerative disc diease , bulding dics L4-5 L5-S1 and I broke my tail bone during child birth 27 years ago. then add the fibro and the chronic meyofacial pain syndrome I should expect to take longer to heal.

    And since I tend to compare with other people I don't feel like they do and I never have done. I have many other complacatations that are going on with my body and imunne system that it takes me a long time to recover from surgery. I have had some blood work done and my white count is normal and so is my red blood count so it leaves the fibro and the other chronic pain issues that are what is making me tired all the time. I have had mono twice and since it is viris I could have it again and it would answer some of the questions of being so sleepy but being cheap I don't want to spend the $150.00 for a mono titer which will only tell you if you have it right now . The last time I had one done it said that I had 2 of the 4 titers so it was not in high gear. But I had it or was recovering from it them and it takes months for it to go away.And the recovery time from it is very long.

    I was awakened early by my mom who thought she had a blood clot in her leg and I took her to the ER and thankfully there was no blood clot but she had cellulitis on her shin adn is on anitibiotic and is usuing heat packs like she was told to do along with keeping her leg elevated so I stayed at her home most of the day adn I was so tired that I dozed off and when I woke up Mom told me that when I was laying on my side I slept and didn't move and was really quite and when I turned to lay on my back I would moan and make it known that I was hurting and I would cry out and just make soft sounds like I was in pain. So if I do that everynight no wonder my husband is not getting any sleep with me moaing and crying softly in my sleep. I ususlly will jump hard before I fall asleep and that causes me great apin and wakes me up and when I snore I wake my self up.

    I have talked with other women who have said that it has taken them any where from 3 months to a year to really revcover from this surgery. And it it does take about a year to get to where you were before you had surgery. I am learing that having fibro I tend to fight the pain telling myself that i am being a baby about it , so I wil lay down and rest and sometime sleep through the times I should be taking my pain pills so I am setting my self up for having more pain. And then after I have rested I do the dumb things like load the washer and dryer / dishwasher and mop the floor or vaccum and I then pay for what I have done and it is not a good thing.

    I don't like being in the group that takes longer to heal or feel better. I am tired of it. I just want what I can't have which is to be normal. I am tired of having pain when I sleep or walk or move. I still am learing that when you have fibro and other chronic pain problems it seems that your bodies take much longer to heal and to recover from injuries. My body has this problem when I didn't know I had fibro I fought the being tired and in pain yes I was on pain meds but I thought it was for my knees and back. But when I learned that I had fibro I stopped trying to fight the fatique and the sleepy feelings and that pain I gave up.

    I just want to hurry up and feel better NOW and not wait for the healing to finish and I really am not to thrilled at the thought it might take me a year to totally recover from this surgery and regain the energry that I lost from having a sick gall bladder and then the surgery. I am as bad as my kids I want to feel better NOW. { the only differce is the kids want everything now, two are married and one had a 6 month old baby boy, she tells me that maybe they should have waited to get credit cards till later on but they didn't } But early on in my kids lives they wanted things right now, new clothes, shoes , money wiht out work } I could use that one.

    I guess that I am going to talk with my doctor and see what he thinks about me filing for disability. maybe for me if I had a little money of my own I would feel like i am helping with bills adn things in life and not being totally dependant on my husband.

    I learned that the gallbladder was a chronic problem and it was infected but was not in the blood stream yet so it was good that they got it out when they did. But I don't know how long i have had this bad gallbladder that has not functioned and has caused me to have problems like feeling bloated and more pain in my ribs adn feeling this lack of eneregy, for all I know I my have had this sick gall bladder for over a year and it has taken it's toll on my body and made me feel this icky and tired so it would seem that it will take a longer time to revcvoer from haveing it gone and getting my body back to it's normal.

    I hope I am makeing scense. I am sorry about all the moaning and whinng. I will try to whine less. Rosemarie
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    I feel for you. I've had some surgeries myself and, yes, it does take longer to heal. Please don't be so hard on yourself...and don't fight it. You'll heal, but it just takes time.

    Fighting this situation will only frustrate you more. When it gets to be too much for you, turn it over to your Higher Power, then "let it go".

    I've very empathetic to what you're going through. You hang in there....

    Warm hugs...
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