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  1. Ok, First off, I realize, 'nowadays' NO place is safe... my husband and I have lived in the same house, on a dead end street, 150 ft or so, from a little bridge over a creek, from my childhood elementary school- which 4 yrs ago became our 'J____ county Educational Center" .. built the school elsewhere...claiming it was CHEAPER than installing central air throughout the school (??? yeaaaa....)

    ANYWAYS! Focusing on my problem, and question now...
    does anyone here own a taser gun? do they MAKE any that are easily accessible- yet SAFE for an accident prone fibro-fogger?

    As a teenager, my sister & I both had keychains, that had a large slender thing of mace, with a safety on it. (funny now, because we never ever needed it then!)

    But, being disabled now, and with this nationwide increase of meth labs, petty crimes, thefts, and just general overall increase in crimes, period..

    Well, here- just getting to my point with questioning about a taser- is the issue(s) with mace- you have to be facing the correct direction in order to use it in self-defense- otherwise, all you've done is maced YOURSELF, thus totally well... scr**ing yourself against an attacker. You have to be able to see reallllllly well, to make sure the NOZZLE is facing the attacker/troubling person(s).. and, 3rd.. I here more and more police officers saying that criminals, former inmates, etc.. and people strung out on drugs, a lot of times, are in a sense, 'immune' to the mace..

    I live in a 'nicer' neighborhood--- OR it WAS when we MOVED here just 6 yrs ago-


    I wanted to exercise, to see how my back is doing after my nerve block at L3,4, & 5, I had done tuesday, and to also make my poor bored doggies happy :)

    So, I took them on mine & hubby's normal route, about 2 blocks over, around our local park.. it's usually well lit, until 1-2am, as people enjoy playing volleyball and or basketball still, at this time of year.

    TONIGHT- oddly enough, not only had I just talked to hubby to let him know that I was going to try to walk the dogs briefly, to 'test out my back' but, I grabbed my cell phone, and told him I was taking it with me, even tho, he's at work..and wouldnt be calling me. But- ALSO for SOME reason(??)I also grabbed my driver's license.

    (I want to mention, that, I USED to (2004-05) walk at ALLL hours of night & morning- due to steroid mania's/insomnia and, failed attempts to help control the weight gain- though.. I usually did not even stray from my own street)

    Tonight- the dogs & I got MAYBE 50 feet down the road, or less (I don't walk THRU the park, EVER in the dark)always stay on the road, by any passing cars, and within the street lights,

    Out of nowhere, I hear leaves rustling like crazy, and hear some kind of mumbling- startled, I looked over, to see some drunk (drugged?) man, staggering toward myself and my two dogs (both are different doxie mixes- not exactly doberman's, LOL) But, I truly cannot say with ANY certainty- that he was coming 'at' me.

    The person was so 'out of it' he was kicking up leaves, and SINGING, incoherently..I just kept my eye on him, at first... as if to silently say "I see u pal".. then grabbed my cell phone, and carefully (watching him, and continuing to walk briskly away from him)I dialed in the local police number. "just in case".... as I did this- the crunching of the leaves just STOPPED... I looked back- nothing but darkness...

    I felt I was far enough away from this person, and almost convinced myself that, he probably was not coming AT ME, as, he was merely headed toward the road- staggering 5-7ft to each side, with each step... I walked 20+ more feet- wondering, call? don't??

    But- when the singing stopped, the rustling leaves..and I could not see him anymore.. even tho I was away from him.. instinct told me.. 'go ahead & call the police" because.. that guy, if nothing else...just needed to be arrested for public intoxication, or possibly needed medical/psychiatric treatment..but, also, I was a bit creeped out, feeling like he could see ME but, I could not see HIM, nor hear him anymore..and he could've easily met me at the other side of the park- where it was less lit up..... I just went ahead.

    I called them... and was very happy- but also embarrassed... that no less than 5 cars had shown up, by the time I'd walked about half of the park..I truly don't know if I overreacted, but, they didn't seem to think so. They searched all over that park for this 'weird guy'.. but, I don't know if they caught him or not..

    but, before (when ONLINE! MS chat friends were worried, (LOL!!!)and called them from out of state(!!!)and they showed up at my house to do a "wellness check" at 1:30 in the morning- I felt terribly embarrassed, and the very friendly officer told me that it was fine, no problem, and "ALWAYS Better "Safe than Sorry" (notttt a typical response in the past, for our police dept.)

    I do feel I'm right, in that, even if he meant me no harm... or thought twice, due to my dogs, & phone... the man just truly had no business staggering around through the trees, incoherently singing... etc.

    Does anyone else here own, or know anything about taser guns? Or any 'less lethal' form of protection, safer, and more effective than mace?

    (and, believe me... hubby & I are looking for a new TREADMILL in the papers, since mine's motor died, so I can exercise AT HOME, in my GARAGE. and I'll not be walking alone anymore. :( Which, makes me sad now. I'm just frustrated... another previously enjoyed "freedom" taken away. And, with a treadmill- in the stale (but, yes- safer) garage.. I don't get to smell the fresh (allergy free- right now!!!!!!!!) air outside, and enjoy the fall leaves, etc. (and- I keep waiting for one of those trees... u know, the ones that money grow on! LOL walking's free- treadmills not. But, I digress)

    Thanks if you made it THROUGH this post... GOD BLESS YA!

    My PTSD/insomnia/anxiety are pretty high right now, due to a number of I ramble. I am truly sorry. It's embarrassing.

    Anyways, what do any of YOU do, for protection?

    Thank you ahead of time, for anyone who could kindly reply
  2. here's the readers digest version. I'm so sorry my post is so long.. It always happens to me. I don't mean to, but it does.
    I'm really sorry.

    Does anyone know anything about tasers? Makes, models, safety, convenience (use, and of *storage*) especially with Christmas shopping also, coming up way way wayyy too soon.

    Short version, I called police tonight earlier on a walk, cuz a very very drunk, and or high individual seemed to be staggering right towards myself and my two dogs on a walk, and,

    Mace is no longer an (effective) option, since u have to be facing the RIGHT direction, in order for it to not blow back in your own face/eyes,

    You have to know that it is facing the right direction before spraying it.. and

    finally- someone high on drugs, or someone who's had enough run-ins with the police, etc, have been known to become 'immune' to mace, or extremely tolerant of it..

    Thanks again for reading.

    Sorry it's so long.

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    I have to say my heart was pounding as I read your post. First of all years ago I worked for the local police dept. I just want you to know that you did the right thing..never second guess your intuition. To many times women have been victims and have said "I had a feeling but did not act on it".

    I do not know of any devices that we would be allowed to carry that would offer a knock down blow. I trust you know how to hold and use keys etc..I know hard this is to do when one has no strength.

    Personally I would never walk at night without a second person. It's just not safe enough to do that these days..not to mention we do not have the strength to fight off a strong person.

    I have a very large dog that I keep very near. I too love small dogs but now own a large protection dog due to my health. As I tell people..I feed my dog for protection not a play pet. Soooo I'm sure to keep the dog in a safe environment for himself and the general public. Moral of the story..if I need the protection it's close at hand. I never have to stay awake at night wondering "what's that".. "did you hear that".

    I hope this helps..just my personal protection advice. did the right thing calling. Take care of you.

    soft hugs
  4. I guess (??) I'm happy to report, that, when hubby got home, we took another very brief walk by the park, and to my suprise, the court lights are on (extremely bright! like football field lights- they light up the WHOLE park, even tho the area they are in, is just a fraction of the park.. not only that, but, the veteran's memorial lights in the front of the park are on as well- they are supposed to be on right at dusk... don't know why they weren't tonight, but, the police obviously turned the court lights on, or contacted the park workers, & had them turn them on..

    NOT ONLY THAT- but, just as hubby & I rounded the baseball diamond- very very much to my surprise (since this is now over 3 hrs later) but, there was a police car, shining a spotlight for a split second, over near the shelter house of the park, just before he made a right turn.

    So, unfortunately, that means that they probably did not catch the scary drunk... BUT, you'd just have to know our police department's prior history to understand what that even means, that they are still going to patrol around there. Trust me, either the new chief, or SOMEBODY has truly brought down the hammer. Not only that, but, 5 officers, in one fell swoop... 'weeded' themselves out, a couple years ago, after getting drunk, and standing outside a fellow police officer's house, during an election that was taking place, and vandalizing that younger officers house, garage, & vehicles with election stickers, etc... and yelling stuff.. etc. :O yea.. real supertroopers we've got.

    Still, I'm glad to know, that even with 3-4 of them we still have around that have KNOWN violent histories, and one, a long drug history, that, we apparently also have a good amount of truly concerned officers, who take their jobs, and their 'credo' of "protect and serve" seriously.

    God Bless the ones who DO truly care, and do their jobs- and with smiles, kindness & true concern.

    (I just asked hubby (AGAIN--LOL) if I can get a 'big' dog NOW????? he still said no.

    I know a protective (and also an assistant-type dog, (to help my balance/falls etc) could not cohabitate with our two little 'pet' doggies. Our katie is terrified of everything- except other dogs, she is a fear biter.

    But, we'll figure something out for me. I only walk at night, due to hubby working night shift, my extreme, and very serious heat intolerance (it's not hot now tho!).. but for at least 5-6 months out of the year, if i do ANYTHING outdoors, it HAS to be at night, when it's cooler, and the sun/humidity/heat is less likely to turn my legs into complete jello..

    We're gonna definitely figure SOMETHING else out for me, tho, since i'm usually wayyy to dead tired by the time hubby gets home, to walk, but, at the same time, physical therapists, and pain dr, etc insist i not use the only other 'exercise equipment' I own, which is a probably 20 yr old, exercise bike... and in the same breath, tell me not to walk by myself, but, that if I don't build some strength in my right leg, I'm going to be falling more. UGH!!!

    Why don't any of THEM buy me a treadmill... or WHATEVER equipment they deem safe, appropriate, and effective for me? LOL

    Thanks again,

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    I had a BIL that was a detective on the St. Louis Police Dept. and had previously been a Highway Patrolman.

    He tells me that more people are hurt by their own weapons whether it be a gun, taser and so on.

    If someone is strong enough to overpower you and they use it on you, you could be rendered helpless and they could take even further advantage of you.

    Still think pepper spray or mase is the best way to go.

    Also, if you injured someone and could not prove then were actually going to hurt you, you could be sued.
  6. Catseye

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    I carry a taser gun. The kind with 2 contacts on the end that you have to touch against the attacker. It will taze through clothes. I don't think you could taze yourself with it no matter how accident prone you are. It has an "on/off" switch, and then another button that you have to press to make the taze happen. So you carry it around off and then you turn it on when you think you may need it and then you just hold it up to someone and press the zap button.

    The on/off button is a switch, but the zap button is a button with a spring so you press it and have to hold it down if you want it to stay on. In the instructions, it said that a one second zap will stop someone from what they are doing, and in one second increments if you hold it down longer on them, the worse are the effects of the zap. It went up to 5 seconds, saying that would disable the person for 30 minutes and could be dangerous. I think mine is like 90,000 volts from a 9 volt battery. I haven't had to use it yet. I have zapped it in the air to test the battery and see the arch, but you're not supposed to do that often or you can damage it.

    I would love to zap the next doctor that accused me of being a hypochondriac to see how he likes being imobilized.

    I got an email, don't know if it was a joke or not, about some guy who bought one for his wife. He didn't want to try it on the cat, thinking it would be too much, so he tried it on himself, first. But he forgot that when you get electrocuted, it paralyzes you. So he planned on just zapping himself for half a second, but as soon as that electricity got him, he was apparentlly paralyzed and ended up giving himself a much longer zap until he thinks his body flopped around and dislodged the tazer from his hand.

    So only a moron is going to have an "accident" with a tazer. You couldn't even fall on it and zap yourself. I would think it would be perfect for where you are. When you're carrying it, it looks like a cell phone or a camera or something. And mine has a little loop to keep it on your wrist if you get knocked around so you won't drop it.

    I don't like the tazers with the little things that shoot out. What if you miss! Mine has two prongs sticking out from the top. You just touch it to them, anywhere on their body, and zap!

    best wishes

  7. Rafiki

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    A question...

    If the taser is touching and electrocuting them and they are touching you, doesn't the current pass into you, too?


    What about a small, battery operated personal alarm? I know we have become somewhat inured to the sound of alarms with all the cars going off, but...

    Peace out,

    ETA This is from a site that sells Tasers and other personal safety devices. It seems a taser gives them instant ME

    "The energy stored in the gun is dumped into the attacker’s muscles causing them to do a great deal of work rapidly. This rapid work cycle instantly depletes the attacker’s blood sugar by converting it to lactic acid. In short, he is unable to produce energy for his muscles, and his body is unable to function properly."

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