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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by JLH, Jan 4, 2006.

  1. JLH

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    I read your reply on another post where you were having some problems with your Glucophage.

    What type of problems are you having?

    My doc just increased my Glucophage up to 1000 mg, twice a day. So far, so good.

    Hope you get your problems straightened out!

    Many hugs,
  2. ilovecats94

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    I started on 500 mg. of the ER on 12/28. The nurse told me to quit it yesterday because it was making me so constipated that I didn't go but 1 x in 3 days. Now normally I go 2 x a day.

    Also it was making me extremely hungry before dinner. At dinner I felt like I could eat a bear, I was just starving. I'm not normally like that. Also, I felt a bit bloated up like I had eaten a lot of salty things, which I didn't.

    I can't say it helped my sugar all that much. I'm back on a diet again. I'm still sort of constipated even though I didn't take the med last night. I guess it will take a few more days.

    Around 1/9, the nurse wants me to start on Enalapril Mal Tab 5 mg. to protect my kidneys. This is an Ace Inhibitor. Hope I don't get side effects from this one.

    I'm happy you are having good luck with the Glucophage. I think my problem was due to the gastroparesis.

    My son, Matt takes the exact dose of Glucophage, and he took my pills.

    Sorry I haven't been on here much lately. I have been going to bed at 10 PM and trying to get up a bit earlier, but having an enormous amount of email to deal with.

    I get to read a bit on here and all, but I just haven't had the time to do the posting I would like to do.

    With football playoffs coming up, my time will be even more limited. lol

    I'll try to check back on here tomorrow to see if you have any more questions. I'm still on insulin 3 x a day, N and Humalog.

    Big hugs,
  3. JLH

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    Sorry I kept missing your reply!

    So if you are off the Glucophage, what oral med are you taking now?

    So far, so good, with the Glucophage. The 1000 mg is helping my sugar level better. The doc also increased my Lantus up to 70 units at night. Is that a lot? I really don't know what is or isn't with Lantus. I don't take any other type of insulin.

    I also wanted to ask you a question about how you prepare your shots. I was told to pull my syringe back to the units that I needed, then insert in vile of insulin, and push the plunger and air into the vile, then draw up the insulin. Is this how you do yours?

    I have seen nurses give other type shots and just insert the needle in bottle and draw up medicine. Which is right?

    How are you doing now on the Enalapril Mal Tab? My cardiologist put me on an ace inhibitor (Altace) for the same reason a couple years ago. The Altace made me cough all night long, so he switched me to Diovan, which is "technically" not an ace inhibitor but is supposed to do the exact same thing as they are.

    My doc said ALL diabetics should be on an ace inhibitor.

    Is your family big football fans? I figured you all were since you said it would limit your board time!

    My pain has been limiting mine! I've not been doing very well this last few weeks. There was one day recently that I felt better and tried to get caught on reading here, and then that just about killed me!

    Better go now, it's 1:10 am, and my hubby is sick with a cold and I hearing him coughing his head off -- he can probably hear me typing away on the computer--which is just keeping him awake!

    Take care. Hope you get to feeling better, too.

    Many hugs,
  4. ilovecats94

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    I'm on two different insulins, N and Humalog. I don't know why the endo wanted me on the pill, I think he wanted to try to get my fasting down and he said it would help me lose weight.

    It just made me ravenous at dinner, and constipated. lol I'm so glad I'm off of it now.

    I've been on insulin since around 1984. I am type 2, but mostly was controlled by diet and then pills, but started to gain weight and was put on insulin by my family doc in '84.

    Matt only takes 500 mg. of the Glucophage, but he is on two different kids of insulin too. He uses the Novolog pens.

    I'm taking about 46 to 48 units of just N before dinner and in N before bedtime about the same amount.

    The way you do your insulin is the way I draw it up, except I follow the direction in the Humalog to mix the Humalog with the N. I have to take the shot right away. If we go out, I have to take 2 syringes, one with N and the other with the Humalog.

    The problem I am having is I go to bed around 10 PM and don't get up until 9 or 10 AM. My fastings can be too high and he is trying to solve that problem. I don't know why he hasn't put me on Lantus, but I leave all that up to him.

    You are drawing up your insulin correctly. You put the air in and then take the insulin out. The way I have to do it is put air into the N. Then draw the needle out and get the air in the amount I need for the Humalog. Then I put the syringe in the Humalog and put the air in and draw up my units. I put the syringe back into the N and draw up to my total count of N and Humalog and take the shot right away.

    I haven't started on the Vasotec yet, I'll do that on 1/9. I am going through the sore throat thing again and on the Mycelex troches for yeast. I don't want a sore throat when I start on the Vasotec. It is only 5 mg. so I hope I won't have any side effects.

    Matt isn't on an Ace Inhibitor. He hasn't even had the 24 hour urine done. I think he really needs to have that done since he has the advanced retinopathy.

    Yes, I'm a big football fan. I love the Dolphins and Cowboys, but they aren't in the playoffs. Today I hope Tampa Bay and Jacksonville win. I hate Washington as we have to get all their games here being we are so close to them. They have been known as Virginia's team now for decades.

    You must have your computer near your bedroom. Mine is in my office which is on the other side of the house upstairs. But then, I'm rarely on here at night anymore. I just can't stay up like that anymore, Janet. I need to get my rest and I would rather get up earlier now, than to sleep until 11:30 AM or later.

    Yes, when football ends I will have more time for the board. I do have a lot of emails to deal with too.

    As it is today, I have to wash my hair at 3 PM so I'll be ready for the game at 4:30. lol

    Take care and I'm sorry you have been hurting.

    Big hugs,
    Whew! This was a long post... Hope you are able to read it all. :)
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    It's Sunday evening and I haven't been on the board since Friday night! My oldest grandson, also named Matthew, stayed overnight with me on Saturday and I have to stay right with him in the living room watching TV. I've tried at times to get on the computer when he is here, and he ends up just standing behind me the entire time, so I just give up and don't even try!

    My computer is in our former girls' bedroom. My daughter origianlly had one in here for all of her schoolwork. She used the school's computers when she was an undergraduate, and then when she went to med school, they had to buy a laptop to meet the school's criteria. Soooooo, I never moved the comptuer desk setup! My son had one in his room, too, but he took it with him to college, then when he got out of school, he took it with him when he moved out.

    My husband sleeps in a bedroom on the other side of the wall from this bedroom. He claims he can hear me typing all night long and if he is not sleeping well, it bugs him! LOL

    Thanks for the info on the insulin syringes. I'm glad to know that I have been doing it correctly!

    I think Matt should be on one of the ace inhibitors, too. My cardiologist put me on one when I was in the hospital with heart problems. I didn't have a 24-hr urine or anything done. He just said that all diabetics should be on one! When I told my primary care doc (an Internal Medicine specialist), he totally agreed. This was long before I went to an endrochronoligist -- in fact, I just started with him last year.

    The increased dose of the glucophage is helping. I did not eat much supper last night, and no chocolate or candy--which is unusual for me!--and I got up and my sugar was only 89 this morning!! The lowest is has ever been in the last couple years!! It was 128 the morning prior to that.

    I hope you don't end up with a sore throat again. I hope I don't catch this cold bug that my husband has had all last week, and my mother had it for 2 weeks and ended up in the ER for dehydration, etc. My daughter came in today to pick up Matthew and said she had a sore throat and it was getting down into her chest, too. Ugh!

    The temperature in this house won't help me! My husband is keeping the wood stove going, which is right in the living room by the TV. It was soooooo hot in there that my face was bright red, so I came in here to get on the computer for a while to cool off. Sometimes I just go outside, which is not good to keep going from extreme heat to the really cold!!

    I don't have much time tonight because I still need to fool with some laundry, finish cleaning the kitchen, and a couple other things to be ready for Desperate Housewives and Grey's Anatomy - which start at 9 pm tonight.

    I'm not a football fan like you are, but more of a soap opera fan and other TV shows!

    Hope you get to feeling better!

    I'll be ready to croak by the time I get my "work" done in order to watch TV. My husband just went to bed about 20 minutes ago, so I won't have any help - as if I ever would anyway!!

    Hope you have a good week!

    Many hugs,