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    Hi hun,

    I haven't been on alot lately, but have been on some the last few days. Just wondering about you and how your doing??

    Also wanted to ask how Matts appt went yesterday?? If, I remember correctly (fog), Matt did have to go back yesterday right 5/2? I pray he dosen't have to have another surgery.

    How is the laser going for him?

    Just thinking about you All!!

    Continued Prayers Going Up for You & Family!!

    ((Hugs, Love & Prayer))
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    Matt just had an eye exam on 5/2, but will need more laser surgery on 5/31.
    So my husband is taking the day off work to take him. I don't know where it is. It is at least 30 minutes away from here.

    Thanks for remembering about Matt. How is your dad doing?

    Matt has been having laser eye surgery now for over a year and it really has me worried if the doctor knows what he is doing.

    Thanks for the prayers, Bluerose. Have still been having fluid problems and I can gain like 10 pounds of fluid in a matter of days. I have had this ever since I got the pneumonia on 4/6. I don't like taking the diuretics every single day, though. I don't think it is good for a person, what what am I to do when my hands and legs blow up so badly and my feet?

    Love and prayers to you and your family,


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    I knew Matt had to have something done on 5/2.

    I hate he has to have more laser surgery done. I feel the same as you, I worry about these docs, wondering if they truly know what there doing by giving continues laser eye surgery.

    My dad is doing the best he can, thanks for asking! Like Matt, one of dads eye docs has given him lots of laser surgery. I know dad has been having the laser surgery done for 2 years or more, up until we found him another eye specialist in Roanoke, Va. I really wonder and feel that all that laser may have made dads eye worse, because it surly didn't help him any.

    This new doc dosen't do the laser near as often and he seems to not like to do it so often...Makes you wonder!

    If Matt's eye doctor continues on with the laser surgery, you may want to get a second even third opinion from another eye specialist....that's what we had dad do.

    I'm sorry to hear you too have still been retaining so much fluid, it's a horriable feeling. Mine has really been bad for awhile too, it's nothing for me to put on 10 to 15 pounds in a day of fluid.

    I'm like you, I don't like taking the diuretics every day, and I agree I don't think it's good for us to take them everyday. They sometimes make me feel sick to the stomach and then they usually don't help a whole lot. For me, it seems I started retaining this fluid about the same time as FM/CF.

    The only thing that does help some, is if I lay down for a good while. When feeling really bad and im down in bed for a couple days, I hardely have any fluid on me. But as soon as im up on my feet, it dosen't take long at all for me to be swelled up. Has your doctor said anything more about the fluid you are retaining?

    I hope we both can find a solution to this swelling.

    You & Family have my continued thoughts and Prayers!!! I think I may go lay down for a bit, i'll check back later or tomorrow!! I hope you sleep well tonight!!

    Hugs, Love & Prayer

    P.S. Love your picture in your profile, very beautiful, you really looked stunning for the wedding.

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    Sorry that Matt has to have laser eye surgery again. It is so many times! Keep us informed about it.

    I hope that you will feel better very soon.

    I am so sorry that I haven't been on here for you guys lately. It is just so many things. It will get better....I pray!!!

    Love you all so much.....Mari
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    Hey Hangininthere,

    I'll talk to Matt whether or not he wants to get a second opinion on his eyes. He is going to the Retina Institute. That just worries me some as when my mother was in the nursing home another eye doc wanted to sew her eye lids shut to heal an ulcer.

    I got a second opinion and she didn't even have an ulcer. But in Matt's case it isn't a matter of going to another place as there aren't many places that specialize in retinas. That is the problem as there are other doctor's in that clinic.

    I had a banana tonight and a yogurt and the yogurt had potassium in it. I know potatoes do too, so I am trying to get enough potassium in.

    My problem is since I got GERD in January, I can't do all the laying around I used to so I'm sitting up more because of my erosive esophagus. So, you know what sitting up most of the time does...

    Much love to you, Hangininthere. Now I know where you ladies are staying as I don't see you all on the FMS board much as you used to be.

    Hangininthere, you have some profile up there. :) I like your cross stitch if that is what it is. It's really pretty. :)


    Like I told Hangin, if Matt feels comfortable with this doc, then so be it, but like you both said it wouldn't hurt to get a second opinion. I won't be seeing the endocrinologist until 6/14, so I ask him the truth how Matt's diabetes is doing and he tells me.

    Yeah, Bluerose, it is so hard to put all of our trust in doctors when we know from our DD's how that goes. ;(

    Bluerose, like I mentioned to Hangin, I'm sitting so much more due to GERD and the erosive esophagus, so instead of watching TV from the sofa, I'm sitting on the sofa or in the recliner when I can be with my feet up some.

    Even Matt has the same problem with swelling and takes a different med than I do from sitting at work in front of a computer all day, then coming home and playing computer games online on his computer--more sitting.

    What kind of dogs are they? I think they look like those tiny little dogs, but I can't spell the name. Starts with a C. Little Mexican dogs? lol

    Much love, prayers, and hugs to you both,
    Faye =^,,^=

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    Hope your having low-pain and less fatigue today! Sorry it took me awhile to get back with you, I decided to jump on for a few minutes...been down in bed pretty much ever since my last post.

    It's always something I tell the last month in a half, I have had kideny stones, a boil to get infected badly on my breast which had to be cut open and stuffed with glauzes and know I guess the Flu...just my luck I guess....I just don't seem to have a immue system at all as many of us here don't.....Guess things could always be worse!

    I understand if Matt is comfortable with his eye doc, but like hangin was saying...never hurts for a second opinion and something to think about....Matt has my continued Prayers and please keep us updated!!

    You also have my continued prayers....I'm sorry your not able to lay down as much.....when you are sitting just try to keep your legs/feet proped up on something as much as you can. I know for me though, even in a sitting postion, I tend to swell more then when laying down. when sitting like at my desk, I have a little stool under my desk to prop my feet up on. I pray we both can find a solution to retaining so much fluid.

    When I am online, I try to read through the FM/CF board as well, but honestly for right many months, I haven't been online nearly as much as I use to be due to many things....but even when not here I always think and Pray for everyone here....hopefully things will get better and i'll be able to be online more often.

    Oh and my 2 little babies in my profile are Chiwaws...not the proper spelling, my short version :) I don't know what I would do without those 3 little ones....they give me nothing but love.

    Hope your having less-fatigue and a lower-pain day. I was just looking at your profile, was the first time I had seen your picture....What a lovely lady you are....Thanks for posting, always nice to put a face to name. You may have had it up in your profile for awhile, but I haven't been on as much and just now took a peek at your pro again.
    How's your dad doing?? You & Your's have my continued prayers!

    Hope your having a low-pain, less-fatigue day!! Just wanted you to know you have my continued prayers...and not to worry about not being online as much....we all understand....seem's lately I too haven't been able to be on as much as I want either.

    Hugs, Love & Prayers to ALL!!