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  1. Jane_Canuck

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    Hey there good eye.

    I bought the haunted dolly from ebay, and I love her! She however was jealous of another doll that I got that came from the same estate and so I sold the other doll back on ebay just so that Grandma Wilda Dolly as I call her settled back down again.

    She really does all the things that was advertised that she would do!

    The 2 orbs in the pic are Wilda th emaker of the doll and her Aunt Thelma, the spirit that Wilda wanted in the doll.

    My cat Katzzzzzzpurrrrrr loved all the magickal items that I bought that were of the Wilda estate.

    We have a haunted house and have a spirit that is nasty in here, I have to og monday for surgery for 2 lumps in my armpit caused by a shove down the stairs.

    Just 2 little lumps but it will get sorted out lol.

    I sent in a letter to Montel asking to go on when sylvia browne is on, I do not really ilke her but have had a feeling for a while now she may have something to tell us Wheter it is soemthing of the house or of other things I don;t know.

    We are also going ot her conferance in columbus oh in june the week after me b-day!

    If you want to see what I sent to montel let me know I will post it here in this thread so tha tnot everyone sees it. We have been trying to keep things like this quiet because it is a nasty spirit and we do not want to give it too much attn since he/she/it has seriously hurt hubbys late wife too.

    TC Let me know if you have haunted items! They are interesting and as a bit of a medium I would rather communicate with things and sort them out then resort to freaking out. Mind you have had my foot in with spirit for so long I never freak out anymore over any of this sort of thing.

    TC Brenda
  2. sues1

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    I know that it is Wednesdays when Sylvia Brown is on Montel's show.
    I do not know if it is every Wed. or not though.

    But maybe worth checking each Wed. to see if she is on. She is quite delightful and interesting.
  3. Jane_Canuck

    Jane_Canuck New Member

    Hey there tyvm, I do not really like her at all to be honest and when I watch her it constantly re-enforces this for me lol.

    It does seem to be a consistent thing that she is on on wed. However 10 am is a nasty time of the day for me as when hubby leaves for work I go back to bed and unless the dogs wake me I am out until 1ish pm.

    I just feel that she may have an answer in reguards to this whole house issue.

    TTFN Brenda
  4. ilovepink4

    ilovepink4 Member

    i can't believe we have crossed paths in two total different places..that is so weird!!!

    i don't have anything that is haunted ...that i know of that is...i would be scared if i got shoved down the stairs by 'something'...but, like you said, i might get used to sharing my house...

    about sylvia...i used to like her until i heard her say that FM can be easily cured by eating a high protein diet....i think that she is a very skilled psychic but, i don't think she is right about this!

    i think that your cat loves the doll because the pets can see what we can't...but you already know that...

    i would love to see what you were going to show do i see it here? on your profile photo? or is it something printed?

    talk to you soon!~ Pink
  5. mlp1954

    mlp1954 New Member

    About the haunted doll you bought. I am so interested in all that stuff. Tell me about your doll. Let us know what is going on. So interesting. Pattie
  6. Jane_Canuck

    Jane_Canuck New Member

    ok well here is the message I sent to Montel. I am going for surgery on monday for lumps in my armpitts. I have 2 of them and it is from being sent down the stairs.

    The only other things that has happened since I sent this letter is that I nearly went ass over tea kettle in the bathtyb when I was putting extra colour in my hair. I was over the tub with my head upside down to get all the hair more central so I could wind my hair into the bowl and smush it around and distrubute it more evenly.

    I felt like my ankles got grabbed and I slipped out of my slippers and nearly flipped into the tub. I screamed oh hells bells and caught myself with out upsetting the bowl full of colour and wiping out rofl.

    I am indeed talented that way lol!

    Ok here is the letter, if I have a quiet time tomorrow I will tell you of Haunted Wilda Dolly. If I don't get a chance do not dispare I will when I am not too sore tues or wed -ish of this coming week. I shan;t forget this thread.

    ok letter read as this::

    My hubby has lived in a house for 34 years. There has been several things happen here that until I moved down have never been looked at in a paranormal way.

    His late wife had 2 horrible experiances in this house. The first she fell and needed 21 stitches in her forehead.

    The second time she fell on the stairs and could remember nothing. She was in hospital for a week this time and had broken all of the bones around her eye socket and her eye was out on her face when hubby found her.

    When I first moved down from Canada to marry hubby, I had a mirad of things happen.

    We had in the first 2 years of married over 8 animals that had to be put down for 1 reason or another.

    First 1 and a half-ish years we had dead birds all around the perimeter of the house.

    My first couple days in the house I got locked out when no one was home. This happened more then once, or locked in!

    We lost things all the time just for them to show up months later, I know everyone does this but not every day or several times a week.

    Went on our honeymoon and lost the keys to the cabin we were in when leaving! Finally Jim went OMG I know where they are! Went thru the garbage bag with all of the gross garbage and found them! He had to buy a metal detector years and years ago because Pat did this all the time!

    We see shadows and things in the house. We see the pets we have put down as well as Pat and other people we have no idea who they are.

    One day I forgot to turn off the TV in the computer room and I could see it in the livingroom, and I saw a little girl come out of it and sit on her knees infront of the screen and watch telly. I put my fingers to my lips and motiioned Jim over to see and he saw her too.

    We get all kinds of scents in the house. Pat smoked or is that smokes? I smell it all the time and she has been gone 3 years and this is a smoke free home now cause I am allergic.

    She bakes cookies and eats toast all the time. OMG Sunday she pissed me off! Came in sat on the bed and ate a chocolate easter rabbit in the room. BAG! none for me. It would be ok if she shared!

    When Jim and I have been up late at night talking and I have smelt something I have told him to snap pics. We never get a clear pic always a mist in the room and out of focus all the time.

    We have pics of orbs in the house.

    I decided that I needed to work on the house cause omg we have a kitchen of barf pink that Pat painted. I started painting it once and got thrown off the stairs. Was in bed for 3 days in pain.

    This jan went to feed the cats and was thrown from the stairs again, this time hurt bad. Waiting to see if I have soft tissue injuries and lumps in my armpitts which I am now needing surgery for to remove. This was just prior to our first art show opening.

    THe house amplifies you as a person. So if you are elated you will be very very high, way more then you ought to be. If you are angry you are beyond how you really ought to react to something. If you are ill and leave the house for a few hours you are 100% healthy.

    I get headaches and dpression to the point that I can not do house work or keep up. Jim is pretty much the same. He has had alot of depression and set backs as well.

    We were near poverty line this last 2 years in finances. Jim said he has NEVER EVER made this little since coming out of the military! That was back in 1969. It is like we just barely get a little ahead and something massively disastorious happens and we are in deep shit money trouble again.

    Chillicothe was built on indian burial grounds so not sure if this thing that does not like change is just apart of the ground around here or something that was attached to the house prior to Jim buying.

    We have heard music from the 1920s at night. One year 1 year after Pat died we took a recornding of the house. The whole tape is 1 huge evp. You can hear a party and glasses klinking and music and talking. You can hear someone discipline a naughty child because she screams OUCH! Over 90 mins of nearly continiuous stuff. You can hear our dogs walking around thru it too so it is not put on at all. We went to bed and left it running just to see.

    We have woken up feeling like we are being smoothered or choked and we can't breath. Weird dreams that are so unreal it is incredible.

    We want Sylvia's help as we are not getting clear reasons for all of this happening. How to stop the one entity that seems to want to lash out and stop the roller coaster ride we are on that which we call life. This should never be concidered normal life for anyone.

    Ok so that is it and I will just change the pic in my profile to one of me and hubbys and mine first Christmas together. We may have celebrated just with the 2 of us but were not alone by any means.

    TTFN Brenda
  7. Jane_Canuck

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  8. ilovepink4

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    it sounds like your house is haunted....and that there is something mean there....

    i wonder if you should get someone to come in and try to fix sounds dangrous...

    what did pat die from? what if this
    thing had something to do with that? creepy!

    also, tell us about the haunted doll

    the experiences i have had were tied to the death of a 3 yr old sons friend...his mom worked at our home as a personal care attendant for my dd....we let her bring her son, she was very young and single...we helped her with him while whe was at work...also, i tried to help her get financial assistance etc...

    anyways, our home was like his home away from home...i took care of him 24 hours before he died...his mom was sick...he died from a ATV accident...we were called to the hospital while they tried to save him...i was right in the middle of the whole thing...holding up mom when doc gave the word....went with dad to see him at the ER after he was had no family at the hospital with's family hated him...the entire ordeal has changed me....i think it triggered the FM...he was only 4 months older thqn one of my sons...the nurse gave me his bloody clothes for the mom...didn't want to make it worse by giving them to her...they are still in my and i aren't close any more...i think she can't handle being around my boys...anyways, she wants the clothes someday but, always, not yet, not yet...and i promised a long time ago i would not discard them....i just wish she would take them....anyways, i can't believe i am sharing this....i have never talked about this here on the boards...anyways, after he died for about a year the tv would shut off by itself, the phone would ring and no one would be there..typical stuff...the lights would blow out...the light bulbs i mean, one night the computer wouldn't shut down , then it started to smoke and the computer, vcr and tv all burned out...they were all plugged into thr same outlet...and the butterflies wouldn't stop showing up...theat summer i saw more butterflies than i have in my whole life...they were very pushy, too..they would fly close to my body amd my sons' too...and just hover...i think it was Dylan saying hello..his mom had lots of trouble with his bedroom light going on when she wasnt home...or his door opening when she wasnt home...she wouldn't stay alone for about 6 months..she was afraid....

    sorry this is so long! gotta go! my son wants to look at thr toys on the Amazon site...bye!

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