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Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by littlebrownwren, Dec 27, 2007.

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    I was reading back on some old threads and came across a post on 12/29/06.

    I was feeling real crappy that day and I had managed to put away 1 box of xmas deco into storage.

    SOoooo, I started packing today. Not feeling great but the pain and fatigue are not as bad as last year.

    I think it's partly due to me letting some things go undone, the Dr upping my meds(that helped me sleep), and the extra prednisone has helped a lot.

    Have no idea when I'll get all the repacking done but at least it's started and I'm ahead of schedule.

    Had a visitor stop by tonight and ask how many xmas balls I had and then made a guess at 3000.

    Not quite that many but that was my theme this year.

    Bowls, balls,berries, bows,yards of ribbon and even beaded fruit. Lots of glitz and cheer. And Candles, candles candles. LOL

    Might pack tomorrow and I might rest. Depends on this DD.

    One day at a time. I'll get there sooner or later.

    I'm thrilled I'm ahead.

    I told my daughter she was doing this next year and she just looked at me and grinned.

    Somehow I don't see her bellying up to the stove.

    One funny though.

    My little neice spoke up when I was running about 45 min behind schedule and ask , Aunt Wren, could you not have started cooking earlier. We all laughed and I gave her a hug

    What! Honey, I've been cooking 2 days already.

    She is a sweetie though.


  2. littlebrownwren

    littlebrownwren New Member

    My tree is naked as the day it was created.

    Tables are loaded with an assortment of piles of ornaments.

    Boxed up a few more.

    Most everything is down except greenery and wreath and sorted

    Last year I was 3 weeks into the new year before it was even started.

    Hoping that tomorrow I'll get the better part of it out of the way and back in storage.

    It just has to be the meds working.

    Last year I wasn't capable of this much.

    Still I'm having to let some things go in order to to it .

    But I'm a happy camper to look at something and say , I did that today.

    I realize there are those here that are in bed and I know where they are coming from more than ever.

    My toes are swollen so tonight so don't know how I'll be able to walk tomorrow but We'll see.

    But accomplishment is accomplishment no matter how small.

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    this year I only decorated the tree....left off about 1/2 of the ornaments....didn't put out the "around the house decorations"....hubby didn't get time to put up the outdoor lights....and I didn't miss any of it! Not a bit! and I am not dreading taking the tree down this year!!!

    I really suffered when I decided to stop sending xmas cards...felt guilty and sad...but now I don't really care except when I get a really nice photo of a family....then I feel sad that I didn't do them....but, it was getting out of hand....so hard to get a good photo of a family of 6...then typing the letter....and addressing 60 or more cards...and talk about EXPENSIVE!!!

    anyways...my point is that it felt good to cut back...sometimes it doesn't....but this was an area FOR ME that worked...it won't work if you really really love decorating your house...and it sounds like you do....