im 20yrs old w/FM and fear my future

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    i just turned 20 years old.... and i have been dealing with the symptoms of fibromyalgia for a few years now. i feel like the odd ball. i have never seen anyone under 50 at my specialists office, and i do not know of anyone else my age who suffers from fm.

    i was an extremely active kid and teen. i played co ed soccer for over 10 years (and suffered from mysterious joint pain that was not arthritis). even now i go snowboarding a couple times a week but i honestly feel like it is killing me from the inside. i do not know what to do. im only 105 lbs but i feel like im tugging around 200lbs! sometimes the pain and weakness is so bad that i physically cannot get out of bed. even sitting for 5 min and getting up is excrutiating. my friends dont understand how much it hurts when they poke my arms and i constantly get told off for being sick or too tired when all i did was walk around the mall for an hour.

    even sitting in my bed on my laptop writing this... my legs hurt so badly that i could cry.

    i am currently taking trazodone and im thinking about trying cymbalta. i am so incredibly desperate to try anything now. are there foods, energy drinks, vitamins, exercises, anything that could help? i need to find something soon. my goal is to be a wonderful mother and i fear that i wont be able to not only survive a pregnancy but take care of my children in the future :(

    if anyone has any advice i would deeply appreciate your suggestions. thank you so much.
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    Push the docs for more Lyme tests, they're usually inaccurate. And the fact you used to play soccer and had those joint pains just sounds like you're a good candidate. You could have been bit while playing. They are so small, you'd never even realize it.
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    I have had FM for 22 years. I do not want you to be sitting there 20 years from now saying you still have FM symptoms and are getting worse.....please listen.....

    I agree with the other poster that you should start educating yourself about lyme and other tick borne illnesses.

    I have been doing alot of lyme research and I am now pursuing this possibility myself.

    I was astonished to find that I have at least 19 of the symptoms. Less than 50% of people remember a tick bite or notice a rash.

    Most of the symptoms overlap with FM and CFS, as well as MS.

    Almost all Dr's are uneducated about lyme, even though they think they are.

    It is going to be up to you to educate yourself and then take all that info in your head and printed out, and very nicely demand that an open minded Dr read the info, consider lyme as a differential diagnosis, and get an Igenex Western Blot.

    It won't be easy to find a Dr to listen and order it, but it is very important. I am going to give you the websites for 3 papers that you MUST read.....please don't think this doesn't apply to you.....I thought that too for a long time....this could be your chance to find what is really causing all your symptoms and get treatment.

    Please start by reading these 3 articles:

    "Advanced Topics in Lyme Disease-Diagnostic Hints and Treatment Guidelines for Lyme and Other Tick Borne Illnesses", October 2008 by Dr Joseph Burrascano......this updated version can be found at:

    make sure you read the symptom list in Dr Burrascano's paper,

    Then read the ILADS Guidelines found at

    Make sure you also read "When to Suspect Lyme" by Dr John Bleiweiss found at

    There are many other things you can read too....but please read these and look at the symptom will probably find that you have many of the symptoms of lyme also.

    Please let me know if you have any questions, and good are too young to suffer like I have for years.
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    I've had FM for what seems like forever now...and I know the feeling about being the only one who seems to be under 50. I've bounced from doctor to doctor my whole real results but I think it's because I've pretty much been sick my whole life. That you've been so active throughout your life and that you still are probably will work to your advantage and give you a better shot at getting better. My advice would be to try to find a good doctor and be can be easy to let this thing get ahead of you. Plus diet's really important...which is one thing I've always known but am only really fully understanding lately. And sorry for the rant but honestly positivity plays a huge role in my opinion...I know I'd be dead without it.

    Good luck with everything.
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    I was about your age when I was first diagnosed (back then FM was referred to as muscular arthritis, among other things), I'm 50 now. In spite of this illness, I was able to raise two beautiful children. I held a full-time job for many years (I took an early retirement in 2000). It's still possible to live a full life even though you have a chronic illness.

    The literature tells us that the sooner a person is diagnosed after the onset of symptoms, the better their chances for recovery. I don't think a full recovery is possible but a person can be much-improved through such means as medication, physiotherapy, massage therapy and for some, acupuncture. There are many treatment options, unfortunately what works for one doesn't necessarily work for another so it is, in large part, a matter of trial & error working with your doctor or health care practitioner.

    I'm glad you found this board because it is a great source of information & encouragement. Be sure to visit the Chit-Chat board, if you'd like to converse beyond FMS/CFS issues.

    God bless,

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