I'm a 23 year old female that really needs some answers..... Please help

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    For over a year I have been dealing with high fevers and horrible migraines..... But thats not the least of my worries. the last 8 months I have had severe muscle aching and fatigue that runs throughout my body. All of my CBC's have been coming back normal practically all the test come back in, are innormal range.... mht Dr. put me Topomax 50mg twice daily for my migraines which works wonders for my migraines. But getting to the point...nothing seems to take care of my pain/fevers I'm having bowl problems I get contipation for days then have diarrhea for days after. My doctor has placed me on a sleeping med... Bc I havent been sleeping well. I have a history of thyroid problems in my family but nothing seems to befor me. I lhad
    lab drawn 2 weeks and my cold agglutinin was.. What does this?i hope someone can help me out.... .

    I hope i can find more info about whats is attack my body.
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    Welcome. ProHealth doesn't provide any doctors, so please keep in mind that the responses you receive are from regular members like you. Don't stop taking any meds without talking to your doctors as they have your history and know more completely your medical picture. Topamax stopped abruptly will place you into seizures (which you probably have already been told).

    I have suffered a long time from migraines and take generic Topamax also twice a day, and I get occipital neural blocks and all this is by a neurologist that specializes in migraines.

    I was diagnosed with irritable bowel syndrome-D, which means I get diahrea (no gas or pain and no constripation at all) and I especially get it during times of stress or when I have migraines. I see the gastroenterolgist next month.

    also just by thinking you have an ailment, doesn't equate to you really having it. How many people thought they had cancer and didn't. how many people think they are crazy and see a therapist and find out they are not crazy, they are just suffering from panic attacks, etc. And if we think we are rich, then we are going to have closets of money suddenly appear? It just doesn't work that way so please don't mentally assume illnesses or ailments and instead partner with your doctor to try to find out what really is going on. Get copies of your lab and test results and research them on online to give you information and a feel for the language so you can ask more informed questions of your doctor and perhaps help drill down more on your situation.

    I have Hypothryoidism with a goiter that was found in 1977, was put on synthroid which resolved the goiter and and have been on synthroid since then sucessfully. Even back then, endrocrinologists did not put you on thyroid medication when the lab work did not support it--because some people wanted thyroid medication simply to try to loose weight and a good doctor won't allow that. When thyroid meds are used when not needed, you risk heart palpatations from overdosage and that's not fun. when I was first put on synthroid the endocrinologist and I had to work on achieve the right dosage for my individual need and I had heart palpations and that isn't fun or pleasant at all and we had to adjust down the dosage. Eventually we achieved the proper dosage and after many months of blood work at the end of the year we knew we had the proper dose for me.

    I get pain/fevers from time to time and it had been discovered a few years ago that I had systemic lupus and malar lupus of the face. I get pain and fever when I get a "flare" and that's when I notice the malar lupus appear also appear on my face. Not everyone with systemic lupus gets malar lupus. Stress and proper eating and sleep are essential to me keeping the Lupus at bay.

    I have B-12 deficiency caused by pernacious anemia--an easy blood test that some doctors don't regularly do. It can cause many symptoms. I have treated with B-12 injections for about 2 years and then went on sub-linqual pills from Walmart and the blood work looks good.

    B-1 was coming up low. It's not always looked at.

    Stress is a huge factor in many parts of our lives, and can impact our bowels, headaches, migraines, gastrointestional and even sleep.

    It's probably a good time to have a discussion with your doctor about what s/he is seeing in blood work and in physical examination as to what s/he believes may behappening. that may lead to the need to see a specialist.

    Good luck
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    Take a look at this info about tick borne infections.

    It is possible that you have one or more chronic infections like Borrelia burgdorferi (lyme), Babesiosis, Bartonella, etc.

    There is a good symptom list in the first booklet and lots of good info.




    The following paper by a Lyme expert also contains a great symptom list on pages 9-11 and great info about coinfections like Babesia, Bartonella, Ehrlichia, etc on pages 22-27:


    Your symptoms remind me of Lyme and Babesia.

    Lyme testing is very unreliable though. Many people with lyme have only ever had negative lyme tests.

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    Hey Megan, do u happen to live in PA???? If so this is Chrisie....Mason is my son!? It sounds like fibromyalgia....same thing I have among other things.....it can really mess w/you body......I get the same constipation, and the muscle ache, and fatigue....at 1st, I was getting fevers, but now I haven't really had one in a while.....it comes and goes.....u need to see the rt person to actually say u have fibro.....I see Dr Kivitz in Altoona.......he is good.....let me know how u do....I can truely understand what u r going thru, w/the exception of the headaches, don't get them...TTS
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    Although, I agree stress does alot---i am sick of people blaming for everything.....people have said that stress was causing all my symptoms---i found out later i had serious hypotyroidism, and severe candida not to mention lyme.....all the stress reduction in the world was not going to help this.......i suggest you read the book "never be sick again" by raymond francis......