Im a caregiver and need lots of help

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    I've been caregiving my ex-mother-in-law for 5years. She has moderate alzhiemer and PSP progressive supra-nuclear palsy. She can no longer walk. So, you can imagine all that is needed to care for her. She lives with my ex-husband and his wife. I help out by caring for her 3 to 4 days a week. I am responsible for all her appts,showers,grocery shopping,banking,etc. I love helping care for her but she is now almost to the point where she won't be able to be alone during the day. She sits and watches TV and reads during the day and when she has to go to the bathroom the camode is right next to her chair. I need to know if anyone has been in this situation and what did you do. I can't imagine hiring someone to sit with her and just to wait for her to have to go to the bathroom all day.

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    Welcome to our boards. May I suggest that you will get a great deal more information if you post on the "caregiver" board.

    Go to the top of the page. About One inch below the word "community", you will see the words "message boards"

    Click on that. When the new screen comes up, click on "care givers". That board on this web site will connect you to people who have more experience with your question about care giving.

    you have come to an excellent site. There are wonderful people here who are so kind and caring. We are truly blessed to have such a site.

    I want to make sure that you get to the people who can help you the most. You must be a very special lady to be so devoted to your ex MIL. God Bless You. Soft hugs. Joyfully
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    but the best place is the alzheimers board itself. the caregiver board is veeeeery slow. that is where I first started out and not too many there. most of the people on the alz. board are caregivers who offer alot of help and support! See ya there!? hugs, deb