I'm A Danger To Myself...

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by Mikie, Nov 19, 2010.

  1. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    And probably those around me. Ever since I had that flare of Sjogren's, or whatever it turns out to be, my brain fog has worsened considerably. I'm exhausted and my fog usually worsens when I'm tired.

    I had to go out today and was really careful driving. I keep misplacing things and forgetting things. Sometimes, it's downright funny, though. I'll share one episode with y'all because I know you'll appreciate it.

    I read the book, "The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo." I saw the movie for rent and thought I'd like to watch it as the book was so good. Well, it's in Swedish. I knew the author was Swedish but it never occured to me that the movie was made there. I don't like watching foreign films and having to read the translations but I had nothing better to do so I watched it. The film follows the book and it is good. About half-way through the movie, the sound lowered and I instinctly raised the volume. IT'S IN SWEDISH! It doesn't matter if it's on mute. I laughed at myself and when I told a friend, we laughed until we cried.

    Strangely enough, I cannot have the sound up on French films. The translators take such liberties with them that when I'm listening and reading, my brain refuses to accept the translations if they aren't right. Now, it's only my old high school, and one semester in college, of French but there is still enough there to know when something isn't right. They try to make the translations too American and slangy and it doesn't work. Fortunately, because I don't like foreign films, I don't suffer this often. But, I digress...

    Most of my friends down here are older, like me. We laugh at our own Senior Moments and my Foggy Moments. Sometimes, we become our own entertainment :)

    Love, Mikie
  2. jole

    jole Member

    Many of us are our ONLY entertainment! :) Well, especially if we're watching foreign films...hahaha. Thanks for sharing...... And brain fog? We either laugh or cry, and crying's no fun at all......
  3. Jude

    Jude New Member

    Hi Mikie

    It is nice to see you back on here. I pop in from time to time to peruse the boards. My granddaughter, Ava, started kindergarten this fall too. She started school and lost her bottom two front teeth the same week. I believe the grandchildren grow up faster than the kids did.

    My FMS is mostly under control but I have had other health conditions to contend with too. In Oct I bacame a five-year breast cancer survivor.

    Sorry to hear about the Sjogren's. The lemon oil and rosemary oil in your fish oil capsules may be blocking your guai. I am tired tonight so will write more later. Do wonder about some of the oldies that we used to know. I am grateful for the epsom salt-peroxide receipe from Shirl as it has helped many nights.



    BILLCAMO New Member

    as you may think.....you drove , got home , & no one was hurt. It could be worse...

    Someone stole the fog lights off my rig.......I think most of us have to fight fog......

    I tried to lean out the window with my flashlight & found out that the batteries were dead......:>)

    Oh well , at least the wind wasn't blowing & I drove slow enough......

    Didn't blow out my candles that way ! :>)

    Sometimes I wonder if English is a "foreign language".....lol

    (wandering through the fog.....)

    Now , please smile or laugh all ! [or , at least , give me a "bird" gift......rofl :>) ]

    Blessings ,

  5. Toga

    Toga Member

    I read that too, quite a while ago. I don't remember a whole lot about it because I've read so many books since then. I'm a fast reader and I'm thinking I should reread a book immediately upon finishing it so that I might retain it better.

    I enjoy them while I'm reading and unless there is a really serious message, it kind of leaves my head. I do remember that I liked that book and was thinking I should try another by that author.

    I was at the used book store today. I really go through books.

    One I've read of late that I just loved is Whistling in the Dark. I read it three times within one month. If you like children and enjoy looking at the world through their eyes, you will like it.

    Got to go. Enjoyed your story about the movie.

  6. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Yes, Jole, laughing is better, especially when we laugh til we cry. My kids and I stole a line from an old movie, "Sweet Liberty," where Michael Caine says, "We'll laugh til we pee ourselves three times." I'm looking forward to that when I visit Atlanta. Well, the laughing, not the peeing :)

    Jude, it's so good to see you too. Yes, I remember that Ava and Andy are the same age. They change so fast and kids are more advanced in so many ways than back when we had ours. His parents are foodies and love to cook and bake. I have a ton of cookie cutters and am taking some up so Andy can have his own. Funny thing, he was just asking J where she got hers. She told him she got them from me. She said he'll think I'm a cookie cutter dispenser :) Contratulations on being a five-year survivor. I'm so glad. Sorry you've had other health problems too. The FMS flare has settled down, as has the "whatever-it-is" flare, so I've been taking the good fish oil capsules every other day. Again, sooooo good to talk with you.

    Bill, again, thanks for your good humor. You always make us laugh and no one can hold a candle to you, my friend.

    Toga, thanks for the heads up on the book. I'll look for it on Amazon. The man who started these books about, "The Girl..." had planned on writing ten in the series. Three have been published and I have heard that there is a fourth unpublished manuscript. Unfortunately, he died so that will be the end of the series. It's really sad; his books have been translated in many languages and have a worldwide following. I have a very difficult time remembering what I've read, especially if I am using reading to distract myself from feeling sick.

    My very best wishes to y'all for a Happy Thanksgiving.

    Love, Mikie

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