I'm a great believer in moist heat to heal

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by sunflowergirl, Aug 2, 2012.

  1. sunflowergirl

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    Years ago I went 7 times....every 3 days to a chiropractor for terrible back pains and numbness in my arms and legs. He did nothing to help, I think he even made it worse. I cancelled the rest of the appts. and dug out my heating pad, using the moist heat (you insert a moist cloth in the covering) and lay on this almost continually for 3 days. My back healed this way for me.

    I'm passing on what I use for my low back when the pain gets too bad. I bought at the 99 cent store some 6" wide neoprene bands with velcroe.....supposed to be to help hold in your stomach. This works great for healing my low back....especially in the summer when I perspire. Many times I also rub on a muscle rub and then the band under my clothes. This morning I was in terrible pain but after wearing it for a few hours and perspiring....no more pain.

  2. Yes your right, I too went to a chiropractor for a couple two or three mos. he swore he could heal my back. But NO! Moist heat really helps, even though I did end up doing back surgery eventually. But I still use moist heat sometimes.
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    I felt worse after going to a chiropractor too! I get massages for tension headaches and the therapist says she believes heat is better than ice because heat loosens the muscles, where as ice numbs the pain but tightens the muscles back up. I put oatmeal in an old sock, wet it and microwave it. I put it on my neck and shoulders and this has helped prevent my headaches from getting worse.

    I like your idea about the velcro to keep the pad in place. That would helps me so I don't have to hold the heated sock in place.
  4. sunflowergirl

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    I've had my heating pad for at least l0 years and it is all encased in plastic/rubber. A small cloth pad also came with it that you wet and put inside the cloth covering. This makes moist heat. Mine is made by Kaz.
    I actually use a moist hand towel inside since my heating pads are the extra long ones.
  5. Bruin63

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    i rmember some of the posts about the rice socks, and heating them.

    i discovered some , already made. called bed buddies, at cvs and wallmart, carries they too

    what i do is heat them in the micro, 4 pads fit nicely, for about 5 mins, on med. let then set for about 5, then reheat for 3 on hi.

    i use hand or bath towels to cover them, they do get really hot, but the heat lasts for hours,

    you fold the towel,so it dosen't burn you, and then as the heat stats to lessen i can unwarp the towel, to allow for the change.
    just love my hot packs,

    i couldn't make it thru the cold days without them

    no ice for me, it actully makes me hurt wose.


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