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    Hello, I'm new to this site, hoping some of you will read and help me get a grip on all this.. My mom is 75 and has moderate alzheimers, she is still living on her own, mainly because of her stubborness. she doesn't live far so I've been managing taking care of her but it is getting increasingly harder as her memory gets worse her halllucinations come more frequent.I have siblings who prefer NOT to get involved using the ans." well I don't know what to do", so its left up to me.I just started my search for a local support group here in SI NY not having much luck yet. Her Dr. has her on a pill to stop the hallucinations but doesnt seem to be working. he is just a general Dr. m wondering should I switch to a geretric dr a specialist? this is happening soo fast I'm soo scared and feel totally lost, I have lost alot of weight and sleep over the past few months as she continues to get worse and I don't have a clue where to begin. She has been showing signs for a yr now, my brother was taking care of her but when he realized just what he was dealing with he walked and now its on me and me alone, and I have 3 teenagers at home to deal with plus a part time job that I will probably lose soon due to me always having to take off or leave early. I guess basically my question is..is there a site or organization I can get in touch with that can start from the beginning and help me learn from A-Z how best to handle my moms situation. thank u for letting me vent
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    If you look on the "Caregivers" Board here, you can scroll down and find all types of resources and resources are what you definitely need. I know I put resources on there that had all sorts of info on many subjects. But you can't do it all alone as you will burn yourself out if you don't get help. There is also an Alzheimer's Board here too that you can also check for resources.

    I wanted to mention to you my article right here on the Health Board about those "dying in the desert." They are the loved ones with Alzheimer's and Dementia that manage to wander away from home, get lost in the desert and die there. I hope wherever you live that you have made sure your Mom cannot wander. Take care and good luck.