I'm a Newbie... Feel like I'm gonna fall apart

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by blufishie, Jan 22, 2007.

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    I know you all probably hear this all the time, I just need to get this all of my chest I guess. I've had fibro for years, but just got diagnosed a few months ago... been to every kind of specialist EXCEPT a rheumatologist (finally have an appt. next month with one) in the past few years. I've been on oxycodone for a year and half, I have ADD as well so luckily the pain meds don't knock me out but revive me a bit (thankfully because lately all I do is sleep and sit in a hot bath anyway). I had to stop working over a year ago because of the pain and kept falling asleep at my desk even tho I was up to 8 cups of coffee while at work. My hubby has never understood and just made light of it all like I'm making it all up... that hurts so bad. I finally left him 3 months ago, I have 3 kids and thank you Lord for them, they are my bright spots. 21, 20 and 9 and all so wonderful, I really am blessed I know. My older kids have their own apt and are always over here helping me out. I'm 42 and have always been the 'strong' one... Last year I found out I have cihrossis of the liver (and I don't drink at all how fair is that? lol) I handled that, one day I'll have a transplant and be okay, thats fine. But I've been in a flare up for 2 months now and its kicking my butt. I feel like such a waste of space. literally all I do is sleep and soak in the tub and I STILL hurt all over so bad I cry all the time and IM NOT A CRIER or wasn't anyhow. I feel like such a failure when I can't even take my son to cub scouts or the park anymore. My bills are piling up and I'm just praying my electric stays on.. I just feel like I'm completely falling apart and I don't know what to do. My youngest son was a preemie, born 15 wks early and has high functioning autism and for his first few years, a preemie support group was my salvation, I guess I figured it was time for me to find support on this too. Thanks for listening to me ramble on and complain, it feels good just to get it off my chest.
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    Like prickles said, you've come to the right place. I have liver problems, too. Are you eating liver healthy? Not sure? Here's what I eat that is liver "safe":

    brown rice
    garbanzo beans cooked with curry and a potato
    lots and lots of veggies, all kinds
    small amount of chicken, dark meat only

    You should probably stick to mostly cooked veggies, they are easier on the liver. For help with diet and liver issues see

    liverdoctor.com - she has a good section on cirrhosis under "liver conditions" with sensible recommendations for diet and supplements that specifically help cirrhosis. I take all of the supplements. Have you heard of milk thistle? Very important.

    You should consider giving up all foods that are a strain to the entire body, especially the digestive system, the worst offenders being wheat and dairy. It's quite an undertaking, meaning no more bread, cookies or crackers unless they're gluten-free (available at any health food store), and no more yogurt, cheese, milk or ice cream. Soy milk is NOT a good substitute, it comes with its own problems. Nut milks and rice milks are acceptable. You want to stop eating food that comes in a box as much as possible. That may be to some extent impossible since fresh produce requires much prep time and dollars.

    Look at some of my posts with diet or liver in the title and if you're having depression problems, look at the one "neurotransmitter precursors".

    If you're having energy problems, look at the one "quick relief for cfs when doctors can't help" or something close to that! I have brain fog, too.

    Just read and read and read if you can. Within a short time here, you should know what to do even without a doctor's help. Most of our problems are related to lack of nutrition and the resulting domino effect and so start with milk thistle and a good vitamin and mineral supplement and maybe some amino acids.

    good luck!

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    hey like they said you are in the right place-------i have not attended but a couple of my 16 year olds functions this year---------yeah-it makes you feel like s----t!!!!i do use the intenet to commincate w/ his coaces and teachers------maybe that will help you too-------i too had to leave my hubby---------he couldnt handle this fibro--------so come here to vent and get tons of info---------there are such a fine group here--------take care-------keep in touch--------------love to all----------laura

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