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    Hi Guys, I've posted here a bit before but I wanted to introduce myself, my name is Megan and I am 22 years old from Randolph, NJ. I am a good friend of FMQUEEN's. We have been email buddies helping each other out through our tough times. I was diagnosed with FM in February of this year. I think I possibly have had the disease for at least 6 years before that though. The pain started in my right leg and radiated up and down and then started in my other leg and progressed to my wrists. I also began to have migraines and fatigue upon any kind of extertion. Then last year it began to get worse for some reason and a knee specialist in NYC at the Hospital for Special Surgery had told me if this doens't get better in 2 years to see a rheum cause it might be more than just a knee problem and it was cause my rheum said I had soft tissue injuries all over my body, tendonitis, all the FM points, and he wanted to know how I was functioning cause by the tenderness factor it looked like I was in a lot of pain but I really had just put the fatigue behind me because everyone had told me I was "lazy" over and over again. Especially my family. I just had no energy. I couldn't clean my room without getting exhausted and my knee and back killing me after about 5 minutes. My family and my fiancee have become more understanding but I still get the, "you can do that yourself, and "look for a part time job while your in school" Uh hi I'm in pain everyday, sometimes I get so frustrated I can't even explain it. I just sit there and get upset because no one gets it. My friends, forget it, they don't understand at all. Now I'm going to graduate school for Psychology at Pace University in NYC this fall. I'm hoping that goes ok and it's not too stressful, I have to go to class 3 times a week for about 2 hours a day. I have to take the train from here in NJ because parking is too expensive. We'll see I guess. Well I think that is about it, sorry so long hehe
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    Glad to have you here!!! I was just dx'd w/FM and mycoplasma P about 3 months ago, I really knew it sooner, but was in total denial of it. I like your name, todayisagift, because thats what life is, a gift a day at a time whether bad or not. I know no matter what this DD throws my way, I will still remain as positive as possible. I send you blessings and hugs Megan,
    and I look forward to chatting in the future, Im from AZ, one side of the US to the other!!! I love it!!!!! God bless, Iggy
    PS< see a rheummy ASAP to rule out other things that go along w/FM such as mycoplasmas, etc...
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    hi! i'm pretty new here myself, i was just diagnosed july 22, but have also had everything going on since i was in high school. i'll give you a short intro too. :) i'm 20 years old and in three days, i'll be graduating from massage school, (needed a break from college desperately :)) and i have the usual fm stuff, fatigue all the time, pain all the time everywhere, migraines, tension headaches, you name it-i got it. :) but i just started going to a naturopath who i'm feeling very hopeful about. :) so, welcome officially to the board!!! (even tho you've been here) :) and good luck with school.
    -kristi :)
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    I hoped that you would post again I wanted to tell you how much I like the name you have chosen for yourself.

    I say that every morning when I wake up. I really does help me feel grateful and more positive even on my worst days,

    Bless you! and love,

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    Hi, I am glad you decided to post again. I hope the board can be an extra support system for you. I found a web site that explained FM symptoms really clearly and showed it to my husband. Now he is great with me. He just couldn't hear it when I said it. Sometimes they need to see an independent source of information. They need to know that even if you could push yourself to hold down the job it would make you sicker.

    I wish you the best of luck at college. I posted a while back about rights for people with disabilities at college and I think you should look at it. If you click on my name it will take you to my profile that lists all my posts. You will see a post entitled "Americans with Disabilities Act at College." You can make it happen, I know you can. Pace should have a good disabilities program. If you need to talk about this in more detail (I have some experience in this particular area), you can safely leave your e-mail address on a post by spelling it out with an * between every letter (this way spammers cannot automatically steal your address), i.e., m*e*g*a*n*at*p*a*c*e*dot*e*d*u . I'll write you.

    All the best in the world, Aeryn
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    This is an awesome place for info and support! My hat's off to you for accomplishing all that you do! We all understand your frustration and knowing that the understanding is here sure does help me! Best of luck in your studies. I'm sure that your condition will add great depth to your understanding and compassion in your capacity as psychologist. :) My motto ... lemons to lemonade. I too, love your screen name. Hugs,
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    thanks for posting iggy_rn, dezi, and kristi, it's nice to meet you all! :) I like hearing about other peoples stories too so I know I'm not alone. I hope you all are feeling well- FMHUGS
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    Im glad you guys all like my name :) It's from a band I like called Taproot, I've seen them in concert about 8 times hehe and met them almost everytime I've seen them they are great guys. Its hard for me to stand up at concerts now so I don't go as often as I want to now. I would like to learn more about the college with disabilities act thanks aeryn, my email address is shinedaybyday@hotmail.com I appreciate that :)
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    Glad you've joined in!! Sorry to meet under the circumstances :( I'm a YOUNG 40 yrs old,(haha)feel like 82,act like 28! I was DX in 92 but also had this a much longer time~ I have 3 children to care for and finding the energy is almost impossible....but I do,and I'm grateful for them~ Have you found anything to help you with symptoms??Some of us here take magnesium for aches&pain and also to aid in sleep. Taking hot baths in epsom salt is relaxing to some too. Hope to get to know you~ Take care :) Tracey

    Imagin~ Great job on going to massage school!! you can practice on me if you'd like! :)LOL I had massage at PT for 6 weeks(3xweekly)My muscles LOVED it!!(not in the beginning ,but soon after the benefits were great!)
    Good for you...you can be proud of yourself!! :)
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    Welcome to the board. This is a great place to when you are at your lowest becuae everyone here knows and understands exactly what you are going through.

    I am 23 years old(23 last month, yahoo!)but I have had thid dd since I was in school. When I was diagnosed mt finance and my family (except my Mom) all refued to take the time to understand this illness. I tried to talk to them about it and they would just turn the TV sound up or walk away. They all would make comments about it's in my head and I just want attention. Years later, nothing changed. I now realized that they made up their minds about it before I was even diagnosed. My fiance was just a very selfish person and didn't want the "spotlight" taken from him. Neeless to say I didn't marry him (praise God!). I hope this won't be your case. I hope that your family and fincee come around. So many of us here have lost our relationships from loved ones because of this dd. I am now married to a wonderful man who tries his best to help me and support me. Sometimes he goes over board and I have to remind him that I can still do things for myself...but at least I know he cares.

    I commend you for continuing your education. I was unable to do it. I tried to go to college by taking online courses but it stressed me out way too much so I gave it up.

    I do stringly feel I am on my way to recovery. I have a wonderful holoistic chiropractor who is helping me. I have had a relapse in treatment this week but I feel like I am coming out of it. So there is always hope, remember that.

    Sorry to make this so long (hope you haven't fell asleep by now, LOL)

    Good luck,
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    Welcome..So glad you are here, but sorry about your problems. I'm sure alot of people on this site will offer advice. They are so knowedgble and kind. Hope to hear more from you. lolMary
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    Hi Megan: I'm not going to write a lot today because I'm pretty spacey, but I just wanted to welcome you to this site. I can definitely relate to lots of what you're going through right now. This site has really helped me out when I'm feeling down. Hope to see a lot more of your posts here. I only found this site back in January, but it's been a wealth of information and support. Best wishes!