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    I,m 47 years old and feal 100, 2 yrs ago i had a alergic reaction to meds my heart and bp went crazy er trip, since then i,ve been to so many doctors i cant even keep track of them,
    now the one i,m seeing says i have copd,recently my heart hit 200 beats per min.(anougher ER trip) she gave me a lung test I have a cold right now so that didnt seem right, I,m sick of looking for a good doctor that will listen,my family is watching me slip away and i hate the look in there eyes
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    Here is a site about COPD. If you go to the section "WHAT TREATMENT IS AVAILABLE FOR COPD?" it gives you a range of what is being used to stop the progression and to ease the symptoms. That should give you an idea if the doctors you have seen are on the right track to treating you or have not been agressively treating you. Did you get your flu and pneumonia vaccines as mentioned in the site as they are also important? Also, you should be treated by a pulmonologist and not a regular doctor.

    The next subject after that one talks about the role of oxygen and that's another one for you to start to think about.

    You will be looking for pulmonologists specializing in COPD to treat you. You can go online and google for your state and COPD specialists to see if that brings you help. Then check them out in your state's online medical board that tells whether the doctor has been sanctioned or has lawsuits against him/her. That might help you drill down to get a doctor that will help you. Good luck and many hugs. Don't give up yet as there are treatments out there.
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    I know i should keep trying to find someone but the area i live in is hopeless,every doctor here
    seems to have a different idea i have made an appt. with a cartiolgist but he is 3 hours away and yes that is the closest one to us, we go next week,but my faith in anymore doctors is fading,i dont need a guess i need answers.thanks for your responce

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    I saw the word "hopeless" in your last response and that is not a word you should have in your vocabulary right now. If you begin to look at anything as hopeless, then you will give up and for sure no one will keep looking for you. It's time to get into mental health therapy and jump start yourself and your brain out of potential depression and into actively pursuing everything medically possible for your condition with the upmost vigor.

    See, I'm mobility disabled from an accident a few years ago and I live alone. Living alone is a blessing because I can't lean on others to do things for me and I have to do it myself or it doesn't get done. So I have to do my own food shopping and get it all home and put away--it's exhausting, but I have to do it or it doesn't get done and it gives me a sense of accomplishment. Also, I go to the local disabled support group meetings and see people who are so worse off than you and I that keep going and don't give up. So put your spine back in and get yourself back in the game and know that no one will find the answers for you except you and no one will find the magic doctor that will help, except you becoming informed and asking all the questions.

    Monday I have to go to have the neurologist do the occipital neural blocks in my head (like an epidural) for severe migraines. Sometimes it really hurts, I always hear a crunching sound when the needles go in, but the neurologist said I am his best patient. He said I always make sure his nurses have the consent form that I have already signed (and they do forget, but I remind them), I am always ready to go when the doctor comes in the room, so he comes in and is ready to go immediately--no waiting for anything. That's me because this doctor helps me and "works me in for this "blocks" so I help him by making sure the consent is already signed and he just goes into action. Tuesday, I have the biopsy on my face and I'll be ready with the consent form signed again. Next week is the eye specialist monitoring the cataract that was caused by the lupus and thryoid medication.

    So you have to go three hours to this new doctor. I'm really delighted that you can travel for three hours because my back won't let me travel that long without being in severe pain. SO GO FOR IT WITH RELISH!!! And hope that perhaps that doctor will provide you with more answers and if not, may even lead you to another doctor that will ultimately help you. It's like networking to get the job you want, except you're looking for the doctor you want and that doctor wants a patient that isn't giving up. DON'T GIVE UP.

    Did you read the COPD site and see the various treatments? Did you read the other sections of that site to see if your symptoms are coming in with what COPD is or did some doctor just give you that designation to get you out of the office? Come on and push yourself to get informed so that you can talk to these doctors and ask the hard questions you need to ask to know who is a good doctor informed doctor and who knows nothing. There is so much info on the internet that you can search for. I gave you a head start with getting you good solid info, so please keep searching. And if you won't keep going for yourself, do it because of you wrote in here or because of your family, but do it for some reason.

    As a P.S., my service animal cat was in the emergency clinic twice in less than a month for idiopathic feline cystitis (IFC), which was the bladder in spasm and him urinating just about every minute. The emergency clinic vet said there was no cause and no cure. His tests all came out negative and the bladder ultrasound came out that the bladder looked great. So I spent all night on the internet reading about it until the wee morning and I just about blew every brain cell--then I found it. I found a discussion between a woman and a vet. She was using distilled water in her cat's canned food to make it "soupy" and it completely stopped the IFC. I tried that and microwaved the soupy food to make it nice and warm and sure enough it not only stopped the IFC, but it never recurred again. I told my emergency vet and he said it would make sense that adding extra water to the bladder would flush it and stop the irritation and be very good to get extra water into the bladder. Well, it's still working and my male cat loves his daily soupy food. See, I couldn't give up on my great cat Cesar that is of such service to me. He helps me with pain management so I don't have to use pain pills, among other things he does.
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    yes and for the first time in awhile i took a deep breath and started looking first at the site you gave me(thanks again) then i found anougher site that compared all the meds i have been on and all my symptoms it showed me which drugs would cause each symptom and its interactions, all but one of the pills i am taking causes symptoms like copd and rapid heart,
    (i,m currently taking 8 pills a day 2 shouldnt be taken together, EVER!so my trip to the cardiolagist is going to be full of questions and a bag full of pills,if nothing else you made me take a look around and decide to fight back, I,m not ready to give up i just didnt know where to turn next and yes it did seem like this doctor wanted to rush me through and didnt take the time to amswer any questions i might have. I also contacted an herbalist and shes also a registered nurse,and we are going to meet before my 3 hour trip she wants to look over my records and help me to ask the right questions I wish i had heard or knew of you sooner maybe i wouldnt have been so scared you have helped me more then you will ever know and my thoughts will always turn to the person that woke me up and stopped me from giving up before it was to late. i will probally end up moving out of this area strickly because the docs here are all connected and will back each other up.i already tried to get with a pulmanary specialist here and her words, just trust your doctor! not ever again! well gona go for now please keep writing to me after hearing about you and the things you have been or will go through I would be happy to have you as a friend.
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    I AM SO PROUD OF YOU!!!! I am so happy that you are getting prepared for this meeting with the cardiologist and I'm happy that you were researching the medications. GOOD FOR YOU!!! THIS REALLY MAKES MY DAY!!!

    I so want you to empower yourself to question medications and to know that side effects are different with all people, so you may get side effects that most people don't. I found that the HMO pharmacist was really questioning my HMO doctor on a med and the doctor overruled the pharmacist. I'm not taking it, but the pharmacist was throwing up the red flag and the regular HMO doctor was ignoring it. The doctor then put me on that disk Advair at the highest dose and I had vision problems, he said that couldn't happen and I told him yes, I was having vision problems and he couldn't reach any of his HMO vision people. I stopped taking it, but the vision problems remains. Within a few months I had a cataract which the specialist blamed on lupus and thryoid medication but no one discussed the Advair disk and that it was a steriod and that I was allergic to steriods. Also that long term use of Advair can cause cataracts, but they didn't discuss short term use at the high level when you are allergic to steriods--and it is a steriod and the doctor knew I was allergic to steriods.

    My cat Cesar is up on the desk while I'm typing and he just had his "soupy food" and he thinks I make great soupy food. He and his sister Shelby are just fantastic and do things for me. People told me "you can't train cats" but love and kindness go a long way and these two cats sense the disabilities and are there to help and I reward them always with lots of love and affection, so they learn to do things I want them to do.

    You keep going and don't give up. Keep asking questions and keep researching. You can do it!!!!
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    hows it going,i woke up early this morning and decided to connect with the one person that gave me the kick in the pants i needed. been thinking and writing out questions for my doctor here on wensday then thursday the cardiologist,mostly how to get her to listen when i tell her a meds not working for me,i to am currently on the the adavair diskus it makes me sick and my voice goes away, i also have had some blurry vision, she has me on 2 types of bp med and 1 keeps my bp down but the other one makes me sick (fast heart rate weakness ) I have always been a very do for my self kind of person,here lately not so much, i told my daughter i would probally end up looking for a new doc after wensday, I have a good one back in our home town but she is 1100 hundred mile away. but the specialist in that area are the best,Im thinking of going there in march and staying till i have all the answers i need, i still have some family there and will be 70 mile from some of the worlds best doctors,and the one i see in my home town is willing to help with all natural aids, she is from india,and she doesnt seem to mind mixing the 2 worlds. eastern and western meds. I hope i dont have to go so far from my kids and grandkids but if thats what its going to take then thats what i,m going to do. well anyway heres to always looking and always asking questions right? i do get scared and my kids act like they dont want to know whats happening with me,i use to walk when i got down but i cant do that here,its just to dusty and i cant breath. when you said your cat was there with you it made me smile because my little dog (hotrod) is always by my side,I have had him for years,I think we make them our best friends and i know he understands me,shortly after i started all these meds i would sleep a lot and really soundly he howels now when the phone rings if i dont answer it right away and runs from it to the bed till he wakes me,(lol) well i better go for now who knows maybe it will rain today and i can breath a little easer.have a good day twocats and thanks for beibg there!
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    Around my place it's not a kick in the pants, but Shelby the cat pulling on the jeans getting my attention because I missed her subtle signals.

    My cat Shelby has to go to the vet on Wednesday for her teeth cleaning and to have 2 teeth removed. So she won't be able to attend the one support group with me (in my scooter basket). So her brother Cesar will fill in for her at the meeting and Shelby is always very proper attending all meetings. She has told her brother Cesar that "dignity" is the key word and no farting, belching, burping, no picking his nose, his ears or other parts of his body and absolutely no flapping his arm to make armpit fart noises. And she said in the name of dignity for all the cat kingdom, do not throw your back feet up in the air and start grooming your behind. She said NO BATHING AT ALL. She told him to dial his control to 'TOTAL CAT DIGNITY." Well, Cesar is a guy, and very sweet but very much the clown. So we'll see if he embarasses Shelby.

    The next three days I am jammed with appointments, so if I don't post it's because it's been a rough day. Take care and keep your chin up.
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    sorry i didnt get back to you right away but i,ve been trying to get all my records and stuff together. I go see the cardiologist tomorrow and we have to leave here at 5 :00 am to get there in time for my appt. wish me luck! i,m a little scared tonight, but hopefull that i might finally find some answers,i had to seemy family doctor today and that did nt go well my husband says i,ve her my last! will try to find new one after trip. all she wanted to discuss was my colestarol levels (good were it belongs Bad way down) so nothing there,I,m loosing my voice tonight so meds are getting me worse she didnt want to discuss it said it would go away sooner or later! if they keep me up there i,l get back to you as soon as i can, take care of you self and the cats and i,m sure cesar will pull it off,,,,LOL!!!
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    It turned out that my cat SHelby didn't get released in time from the vet (she had her teeth cleaned, but thankfully the teeth that looked bad were cleaned up and didn't have to be extracted). So we were too late for Shelby's brother Cesar and I to go to the support group. I waited over an hour to pick up Shelby, but it was worth it because when she was ready to be released I was there and she came out and was purring when she saw me and she was rubbing her head all over my hands.

    I went for the biopsy off my face the other day and I woke up that day with the lupus rash (malar) on my face (I have systemic lupus). So I looked like I was just sunburned. The HMO primary care doctor looked over the mark on my face and poked it, prodded it and rubbed it and looked at it with his lighted magnifying glass and he said it appears to be a lupus mark (discoid) and he won't do the biopsy. So I apparently have taken on another type of lupus now and being that this is the third time he has looked at the mark and it has grown, I wish he would have decided that before now. But he resists sending me to a rheumatologist.

    Good luck on your cardiologist.
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    My wife just died from lver failuer caused by the drug Norvir she was 45,all I can say is it's tough I am also trying to live with Aids I am 48,and after my wife died it's really hard.You can do it,just make sure you have a doctor that is very informed and cares about you and all HIV paitents,most doctors just don't care about us and don't have a clue what to do.Take your Meds and keep looking for a good caring doctor and contact as many HIV people as you can,we know what's going on,the medical community would rather just give up.
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    I'm very sorry for the loss of your wife. Actually no one on this thread has HIV, and besides I have various forms of lupus and am on an HMO and must go to the doctors they have. Thanks for posting.