I'm almost cured

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  1. Cortez

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    Hi everyone;

    I came down with FMS about 5 years ago it was so bad I could hardly move and the pain was terrible. I had to quite work and sit still.

    Luckily I'm a never give up type of person and tried everything and finally came up with something that worked.

    I read a very interesting book about the mind/body connection for pain (specifically back pain) but applied it to FMS and it worked. The FMS kept improving - it would try to creep back, but I just kept reapplying the technique that I came up with from my reading. I literally am able to make pain dissolve within seconds.

    The pain wants to control your life so that you don't have to deal with anything - it takes over, thus it has accomplished it's mission. Certain situations during your life or the present in the unconscious want to break out into the conscious so the pain is there as a distraction - and it does just that - it debilates you to the point that it is all consuming. So you have to call it's bluff. This is done through various techniques such as visualization, etc. but it actually does work. At first it is a constant battle but after a while it realizes its not going to win and it rather quickly leaves. If there is a stressful situation that comes up in your life it will try to reappear but just don't let it. I know initially doctors said it's in my head (but I knew the pain was really there) but what they really meant was that the pain is created within our mind. What our unconscious brain is doing is changing our chemistry and producing more acid within our system - which actually does cause pain. So once I applied the techniques and not the pain control me, it worked. At first I thought I was crazy as I would be in pain and I thought how could I do this to myself, but I just wanted to get better and if that's what it took I would give it my best shot. So I had to push the limits.

    I'm back to working and in the past week just painted my house and garage. It feels so good to be able to move again and do things, not sleepy, I can get out of bed in the morning refreshed and not stiff. I keep pushing the limits and not letting the pain try to creep back and surprisingly I'm winning.

    If you want to get better - call the pain's bluff.

    I know how you are suffering so just do it.

  2. smilemona

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    What's the name of the book that you read?
  3. BlackPanther

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    I agree to a point, however, not everyone is strong enough to do it and not everyone's subconcious is willing to let go because it is karmic and must be endured.

    What is the name of the book, please?

    Thanks. Panther

    PS I have had many remissions in the 31 years I have had fms.
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    glad you have more functioning!

  5. paulalbert

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    I believe the book is called "Healing Back Pain: the Mind-Body Connection" by John Sarno. i have a friend who had chronic back pain. He found Sarno's insights to ultimately be a great relief to him.

    According to Sarno, repressed emotions can cause chronic physical pain.

    But, all of us here know that repressing psychic pain is just ONE of many complicating factors in chronic conditions such as FMS and CFIDS. I take issue with any notion that these conditions are "all in our head."

    Sometimes, a person gets run over by a truck, and it has nothing to do with your purity of thought, whether you deal with your emotions in a healthy manner, or if you eat raw organic vegetables. You just happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time.

    A lack of healthy emotional habits certainly does not explain FMS or CFIDS. My experience tells me that anyone who suggests otherwise does not know what they're talking about.

    Paul[This Message was Edited on 07/30/2003]
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    I was in remission from CFS for 3.5 years and during that time I even convinced myself that CFS was all in my head and that I was probably never as sick as I thought, just wasn't trying hard enough. This is very easy to think when you are feeling better. During my remission I had some CFS symptoms trying to creep back but I just ignored them and it did work for a while. However, when I attempted to work 12 hour days, within 2 weeks my symptoms came back and I was starting to feel worse and worse. I did the old "ignore it and it will go away", but it didn't work. One day I just collapsed at work and my parents had to come and get me. However within few hours I was feeling better and decided to go back to work the next day. In the next few weeks I was getting weaker and weaker to the point that I had to use all my concetration not to fall off the chair. I was so exhausted I was half in coma most of the time. Still I would tell myself it's all in my head and wouldn't quit. One morning however I woke up too weak to walk to the bathroom, I literally couldn't go to work. That was 3 motnhs ago and I'm still no better.
    I firmly beleive that if I didn't live in denial and reduced my hours when I started feeling unwell, I would still be functioning at 80% level instead of barely 20% at the moment.
    I'm just saying be careful with using the word cured. I thought I was cured.