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    hi all
    i have a friend over the pond who works in rescue like me. she unfortunatly hit breaking point with too many dogs after a poorly bitch was left tied to her truck,she was pregnant and so a litter of waggy tails arrived.

    if that wasnt enough she was called out to a 'fat dog' she was rounded up and brought to safety and another litter of waggy tails have arrived. i stayed in daily contact with my friend as the poor bitch was having trouble whelping and her vet had told her there are up to 14 puppies waiting to come out!

    i am now a proud aunty to 11 pups :) i have included a pic in my profile. in this pic they are just hours old and the bitch is such a good mummy!!

    so now my friends house is bursting at the seams with two litters of pups, a neglected pup and all the adults looking for their homes.
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    the picture is lovely. i have a 2 year old lab who is mad but really soft got him just after we had my son. Dogs are a big commitment.
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    Oh that poor mama!

    Look at them all! Hope she is going to help supplement the pups so mama does not get too exhausted!

    Funny how like minds must think alike! I just posted on my dog that I put a new pic in my profile for lol!

    ahaha nice pups Auntie the look lovely!

    HAGD Brenda
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    arnt they cute :) yes i'm sure the mum would be helped out if the mum needs it.

    at the mo the other litter is in trouble as their mum is dieing from untreated heart worm so they are being supplemented to help their mum out.

    anyone in alabama looking for a pup :)

    for the neglected pup prosecution is being brought so thats some good news there. hopefully the judge will rule the owner is banned from owning pets. fingers crossed.

    i rather like the look of the brown one with the black stripe running down his body :) i'm going to check in later to see how they are doing.