Im at the end of my rope !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Iggy_RN, Jun 12, 2003.

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    I have called my rheummy 3xs in the last week, he refuses to give me anything for pain. I feel like hell and cant break this damn thing..... What can I do?????? someone please help me out in PHX??????? I am on doxycycline for mycoplasm infection, and elavil. He thinks that this is all I need!!!!!!!!! I have been specific telling him I need something to at least break through this, but he says, "you'll feel better soon!!!" He is the first doctor that has diagnosed me with FMS, he is an excellent doctor otherwise.... I need pain relief in PHX>>>> Iggy
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    Welcome to the board! I am so sorry you are gooin without any pain relief. I cannot imagin enot having something to hekp me function. I know you like your doc, but you need to find a new one, AND FAST!!!! You can get a good doctor referral from this board. I'm sure that there will be loads being that you are in PHX. Good luck, stay strong, and keep us posted! I will pray for you to make it through this.

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    There was a program on learn channel showing MRI and how brain rewires itself for pain if you are not given something to break the cycle. It was quite extensive,very impressive. Every doc should watch this since bringing paperwork alot of times they just toss.

    It was sad what happenened to pts. brains without help.

    Good Luck, Madwolf recently posted about this check on your state. Hugggsss
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    Denying a patient adequate pain relief is a CRIME. Seek a new physician, TODAY. My thoughts are with you and please keep us posted on how you're doing. Best of luck. Tulip
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    I sound like a broken record here, but it amazes me how many people are not getting adequate pain relief from their docs and are not seeking treatment from a pain specialist. These docs know our kind of pain and what works for us. There are bad pain docs just like every specialty, but you can ask a lot of questions and find a good one.

    Love, Mikie
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    It won't be of help to you right now, as he has just gone on vacation and I am sure you wouldn't be able to get in until July, but it is always good to know of a good dr. in your area. His name is Dr. Wayne S. Broky, located at 9630 E. Shea Blvd, Scottsdale, AZ 85260 phone 480-767-3920. I know someone who was referred to him as a pain management specialist, and after they were treated so well, that is when I went to go and see him. He has been very caring, and listens to your suggestions! I wanted to try the Duragesic patch and after deciding if it was appropriate for me, he prescribed it. You have to be on time for appointments, and not miss any, and once you are established and pretty much set on your medications he lets you have more time before you have to go and see him. I am to every two months, and my friend is to every four months. Good luck! Finding a good doctor is hard, and if I hear of any others I will let you know!
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    Insists on flexeral and excersixe is the cure, plus some malic acid. Can not do flexeril or malic. I excersized too much being such a sports person. That is what aided to getting worse. No 1 spoke of pacing then. Just thought the more I worked out the better I would get. That was the rx then.

    Zoi noticed poss sclera. I was told this by surg. after surg. and noticing my tissue was diff. No one I have on my list adresses any of these isssue`s. I did have 1 good doc but had cfids/ left practice. Also at clinic I helped at great NP worked with fm patients for 30 yrs. Now I cannot drive there, left with no real help. GURRRRR
    Why do they think you might have sclera?
    Iggy hope you can find someone to help. Do check out pain management doc before you go. The 1 I was sent to would not even walk in room when he saw fm/cfids/lyme. Even though office told me he believed. He told me he did not, and would not treat. I came for injections for neck injury, refused to help. I was just blown away, never even came completely in room, was told to send me home. Especially since I was told to go to him.
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    Thank you so much for the info!!! I will call monday first thing.... Thank you, thank you, thank you...... Iggy
  9. Iggy_RN

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    thanks for the wonderful info and great support... which is impossible sometimes to get in a medical office!!! I will follow up Monday on a pain specialist. God bless, Iggy
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    I feel so obilgated to fix the errors others in my profession make. It makes my ill to think about the treatment you are getting. If you were my pt, you'd been on the patch, STAT and have some Vicodin ES for breakthrough pain and possibly some Bextra if you had inflammation. And maybe something to help you poor doll sleep.

    My God you are a Nurse too and knowing about all this stuff makes it SO much worse. Ignorance is bliss sometimes. But at least education helps you to move on with it.

    You mentioned he is good in all other regards....well sorry to say this, but if he isn't treating your hallmark symptom, PAIN, then he's 'do do head'! LOL

    You have 3 options: 1) change doctors as soon as you can--interview them in advance and ask HOW they treat your type of pain. 2) Go to the ER, for a shot of a Narcotics and hopefully a script to get you by till you find a compassionate doctor/human. 3) call this guy or WALK right in, and say listen: I am entitled to pain relief. I can't sleep at night it is so bad and you are treating me like a dope addict. If you think I am an addict pull a drug panel on me now! That almost always makes them feel dumb and I bet you will get a script. Bring hubby or BF or Male friend also, if you can. These M.D.s can be intimidated by other males--it's a trait inherient to our sexist species. And if that doesnt work, I will give you my NUMBER so he can call me. And I dont mind schooling him real quick.

    Someone said that, "bulleys are cowards in disguise" on here. I commend that person, whoever it was. That is the BEST saying I have heard in almost ever. This guy is standing his ground because he is a coward of litigation. But you pay him and are entitled to care and respect and to live your life as full a human being as GOD intented you to do be. If he didn't want us to take opiods he would not have made the Opium Poppy :) Not to get religous here. Just saying it for the ventings sake.

    Your desperation set off the anger singnal in my brain. For a second I felt like, what if you were my mother and the doctor treated you like that! I dont know why I thought that? And it brought anger to me to think of your plight.