I'm Baaaaacccckkkk!

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    Hi all,
    Haven't been here in quite a while. Here we go again. My energy is very low. My muscles and joints ache 24/7. I was doin the Atkins WOE. That's not good for me. Not the cheese and mushrooms etc. I have systemic candidiasis but thought I might be "cured" because I was doing so well. WRONG!!! I'm back on the anti-yeast diet now. One good thing though. I did stop caffiene for the most part. I haven't had a cup of caffienated coffee since November. ANYway I can relate to one of the earlier posts. It's one thing after another! I had the flu over Christmas and It's still hangin on. It was either the flu or a flare. What's the difference?hehe Now I'm dealing with bladder problems etc. I hate this thing. I hate having to explain to coworkers where I've been. I usually just try to avoid it. It's hard to explain about CFIDS/FMS. I've still been getting exercise almost daily (except for the week I spent in bed.) I'm walking and doing yoga and light sstep aerobics. It hurts to exercise but if I don't I get really stiff. I'm just venting and glad to see all of you.
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    I don't know if I've met you, but I've been hanging around for several months and have formed some really close friendships here! Read my profile for personal info. Suffice it to say that this site has been good for me, both for the transferring of info *and* for the priceless support. I am glad you're here, but I am so sorry you've been having it rough again. We do try to forget all of this when we're in remission and try to live as the *normals* do, don't we? I am sorry to meet under these circumstances, but always glad to make an acquaintance!
    With love and empathy,
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    Don't think we've chatted before, but welcome back anyway. (Though I'm sure you didn't *want* to come back!) I was wondering what symptoms you can specifically ascribe to the systemic candidiasis? (or which ones does the candida make worse?) I strongly suspect that I might have candidiasis, (due to be tested soon for candida antibody) and am thinking that at least part of what I am experiencing might be caused by it.
    Hope you get things back under control soon!
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    Thanks for your post and you too Spacee.
    Kady I read your profile. I'm in pre-nursing school! Ain't thata hoot? That's one reason I'm so down about this. I have done so well so far and school just started back last week. My motivation is low because I feel so bad. I'm taking A&P2 and Sociology this semester plus I work part-time. I just don't want to slip into the illness where I am unable to function. For me the depression is the worst symptom of all. I tend to isolate myself. ANYWAY enough negative talk right? It will get better!
    Spacee...yes I do take potassium/magnesium at bedtime. I take vitamin C three times daily plus Black Cohosh (for female symptome) Evening Primrose Oil, Multi Vit, Synthroid for hypothyroid and Wellbutrin (anti-depressant.)
    Thanks again for your posts.
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    The candida makes everything worse ie joint and muscle pain and the fatigue. Depression is worse, I am having constant flu-like symptoms (I had the flu during Christmas.) Bowel problems like bloating and Irritable Bowel Syndrome. Candida causes skin problems of various kinds. I think someone in an earlier post posted all the candida symptoms. The symptoms are almost identical to FMS.
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    Welcome back! Sorry you are feeling low. I have been on and off this site many times. I have been checking in a little more often as things are slow at work and I have more opportunity, and I'd been feeling really awful for a long time. It was just getting worse all the time. I'd had a really bad experience with 2 different doc's, and just didn't have much faith in them anymore. Anyway, I decided to try one more time, and so far things are looking up. Thanks God!!! I was hobbling around on a walking cane, and grunting and groaning with every movement. I couldn't even make love to my sweet trucker husband the last couple of times he was home! I was so very depressed. I wasn't able to stand up long enough to be able to sing with the church choir over Christmas or with the Ladies Trio that I normally sing with.....I felt like I was losing my life. BUT, I am now on Neurontin, Celebrex, and Effexor. I am so much better, and am beginning to try to take my life back. My husband left with a smile on his face when he left out yesterday morning. :) I'm singing with the choir again and have put my cane in the closet. Life is so much sweeter after feeling like it was slipping away yet again. I'm on a very low dosage of Neurontin in comparison to what some folks are on, so if I begin to get worse, maybe we will have options to help then, too. I pray for you that you can find relief, too. God bless. Donna 0:)
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    Glad to see you are back, but very sorry you are feeling so badly.

    Heres hopeing you get better soon!

    Shalom, Shirl