I'm Baaackwith More Neuropathic Pain (I think)

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by dhcpolwnk, Jan 20, 2007.

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    I just noticed that it was exactly a year ago when I first posted about neuropathic pain in my feet. I haven't been visiting this board much (if at all) in the past 12 months for a variety of reasons, and I apologize if I seem to post these days only when I have a question to ask. I won't go into detail, but let's just say that lately it seems that fibro is just one of *many* health issues I'm trying to deal with.

    Most recently (about a week or two before Christmas), I developed a sore about 6 or 7 inches above my right ankle. I noticed it when I realized I was feeling pain (neuropathic pain, I believe) in that area. The sore looked like a squamous-cell carcinoma to me. So I went to my dermatologist (who is very good). She took a biopsy, which I'm glad to say turned out to be benign.

    Unfortunately, the sore still hasn't completely healed, and the neuropathic pain is still hanging on. Neurontin (gabapentin) seems to help sometimes. I recently increased the amount I'm taking from 300 mg/day to 500 mg/day. One of my other docs said I could take up to 800/day, and I know many people take a lot more than that. I may wind up increasing the amount of gabapentin I take, but I also do yoga/pt breathing and stretching exercises, and I know that can help, too. Except that, again, it's not always consistent. Wearing snug stockings over the wound and painful area seems to help pretty consistently, if nothing else than by preventing my clothes from touching the sensitive area.

    My neurologist (I have multiple sclerosis as well as fibro) has ordered a glucose tolerance test, since peripheral neuropathy is often associated with diabetes. I have a strong family history of diabetes, but my last fasting blood sugar was well within the normal range. I figure I have enough already, and I'm hoping the glucose tolerance test comes back normal. (I don't plan to take that till next month. For one thing, it's a 2-hour test, and I don't have a lot of time right now. Besides, as my neuro said, I'm already doing most of the things they tell you to do for diabetes.)

    So I've been looking for other explanations for the neuropathic pain. My neurologist doesn't think it's related to MS because MS involves the central nervous system, not the peripheral.

    My dermatologist (who also suggested that I be tested for diabetes) said this also could involve circulation. That seems consistent with the fact that the snug socks help. She also thought the sore might be from some kind of trauma, though I don't recall bumping into anything.

    I take a ton of medication. (I think 13 or 14 prescription drugs plus a lot of supplements.) So I've also been wondering whether peripheral neuropathy might be a side effect or interaction. (None of my docs have suggested that, but they probably want to rule out the disabetes first.)

    After doing some internet searching, I realized that fibro might be involved with neuropathic pain, too. So I thought I'd drop by and ask about this just in case any of the wise and helpful people on this board might have some ideas.

    Thanks in advance for any help you can offer. My best wishes to all of those on this list. May the pain and stress of living with fibro and related conditions forget where you live!

    --Laura R.M.
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    Sorry to hear you're dealing with so much. Just a thought, but if you happen to be on Prednisone I've heard that it can cause you to heal much slower than the average person. Sorry I can't help with the neuropathic pain. I had picked up a pamplet a my Neurologists office awhile ago stating causes of Neuropathic pain. One was Fibro, but I'm not 100% sure of the rest. Check the national neurologists association webite. I think the pamphlet was put out by the Canandian Association. Hope that helps, Laura

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