Im back after a long time away PLEASE READ!!!!

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Fibrolady37, May 21, 2010.

  1. Fibrolady37

    Fibrolady37 New Member

    Hi everyone,
    Im back now after a very long time because im really really ill & about 3 months ago my doctor put me on morphine.
    I was so stunned i didnt no what to think or what to do i knew i would have to go on morphine eventually but to be on it at only 43 years of age i really didnt expect it so soon,
    I need my friends more than ever & i would really love to here from all my friends more than ever please get in touch to say hi.
    Ive missed you all so much.
    Take care.
  2. znewby

    znewby Member

    Many people are using the forum at Phoenix Rising as well as here. If you haven't been here in a while, you should try there. Many people use the same username they have here. Hope you feel better.
  3. shari1677

    shari1677 New Member

    Welcome back Fibrolady37!

    I am also 43, nice to see someone on this board my age, given the circumstances.

    I've been on NORCO pain medication (highest dose possible) for a while now (years I think). I have tried to go off of it a few times, only to be met with more pain.

    It seems it hasnt been as effective, though, I was told that with time your body gets used to the meds.

    Anyway- I see my doctor Saturday. How do I ask him to switch to something else? How did you get the morphine?
  4. Fibrolady37

    Fibrolady37 New Member

    thanks for your reply its lovely to hear from you.
    I will try that site thanks for telling me about it.
    Take care.
    May god bless you & yours.
  5. Janalynn

    Janalynn New Member

    I'm sorry to hear that you've had such a rough time.

    I think that we hope that we won't need to go to something 'strong' for a long time, but in reality our age really has nothing to do with it. For many of us, our pain is just too bad to be managed by some of the weaker pain meds. It is no reflection on you or anyone. It also doesn't mean that you will have to keep going up and up and up at the same pace. You may find that the morphine patches work wonders for you for a long time.
    I bet you'll find that the relief you get is not only so much better because of the strength but because you wont have the ups and downs/peaks and valleys because its a constant slow stream of medication.

    The word Morphine is scary but it shouldn't be. It's a very old and effective medication. It's also very safe. My Dr. has talked to me a lot about it. I hope that you get some good quality of life back! It sounds like it's about time!!

    I hope you're feeling much better!!
    For those that don't realize the pain associated with Fibro - it just amazes me.

  6. Fibrolady37

    Fibrolady37 New Member

    thank you for your reply its good to hear from you.
    Im not doing very well at all i was taken to hospital on wednesday night because i was in such serious pain i was also seriously achy & i was freezing cold i just couldnt get warm.
    I was absolutely petrified because i didnt recognise the pain.
    It wasnt my rheumatic pain or my arthritic pain thats why i was so scared.
    I was given gas & air by the paramedics but when i got to the hospital the pain started getting really bad again.
    When i went in to see the doctor she just said there was nothing she could do & sent me home.
    My partner was really upset he couldnt believe that i didnt have any treatment.
    When i got home i went to bed & i couldnt move i couldnt get comfy all my body felt odd i didnt get much sleep eitherer but thats not unusual.
    Take care.
  7. gapsych

    gapsych New Member

    Welcome back and so sorry that you are in such pain.

    Can you get back to see the doctor at the pain clinic?

    How awful to go to the ER and get no relief. Did they have your medical records there so they would know that you are not abusing drugs. I am not saying you are but unfortunately that is how we are sometimes seen.

    What kind of gas were you given in the ambulance?

    Keep us informed about your situation. If pain medications are needed to get a better quality of life, don't beat yourself up about it. If people only knew the kind of pain we deal with.

  8. luvcanines

    luvcanines New Member

    That's why I'm responding. Please read means you want a response and friendship, right? We need to keep one another going and keep one another alive (sometimes). If it takes morphine to keep you going, then go for it. I don't know what it's going to take for me. I have never felt so weird and so desperate. Thanks gappsych for responding to us.
  9. Janalynn

    Janalynn New Member

    Are you on breakthrough meds in addition to the patches?

    Hopefully your Dr. recognizes that this is necessary in your situation. You may need a dose adjustment if you are not getting adequate relief.
    You absolutely cannot live with this sort of pain. You body is perceiving pain at such an amplified level that you are getting ZERO quality of life.

    Keep fighting for yourself. I'm sure you're tired and worn out - it's hard to do anything when you're in that much pain.
    I hope you have someone helping you, advocating for you and a great Dr. who is working FOR you and WITH you!

    Thinking of you!
  10. Fibrolady37

    Fibrolady37 New Member

    Im so sorry you are so ill i really am its not easy for us as sufferers is it?
    I really hope you feel better very soon.
    Thank you for your reply.
    Take care.
  11. gapsych

    gapsych New Member

    How are you doing?

    I have been on Tramadol for the last three years and it has helped a lot. You went thirteen years with it so I am hoping that it will last that long for me. But dang, it is worrisome that it might stop working.

    I guess it is the nature of this &%$% DD.

    I am going to bump up an article called "Pain Damages Brain". It shows why pain meds. are needed not only for pain relief but how it can actually be harmful to our body.

    BTW, what other medications are you on?

    Keep us posted and take care.

  12. gapsych

    gapsych New Member

  13. Fibrolady37

    Fibrolady37 New Member

    shari677 how are you?
    You said its nice to see some one on this board your age given the circumstances what do you mean?
    Im interested to hear what you mean huni?
    What illnesses do you have?
    Did your doctor tell you to come off Norco?
    When you see your doctor tell him that the norco isnt working for your pain & ask him which other pain meds you can try.
    About 6 months ago i went to see my doctor to tell him my pain is now so bad it is literally crippling me & it has been for the past 6 months.
    He referred me to a hospital in manchester to see a pain clinic consultant.
    I went & i was asked a lot of questions about my pain then i was examined.
    The consultant said that because my pain is so bad the only thing he could do is to take me off the tramadol pain killers i was on & put me on really really strong ones so that i would be sedated.
    I said no thanks i dont want that.
    I went back to see my doctor & told him what the consultant had said & that my pain is really really bad & i cant take it any more & what could he do to help me to try to control my pain he said morphine.
    He gave me morphine patches i started on 75micro grams & because the morphine didnt help my doctor put me on 25 mcg patches aswell as the 75mcg ones.
    I tried them but again no change so now im on 125mcg & im waiting to see if they help if not i will go back to see my doctor on monday.
    I hope this helps.
    May god bless you & yours.
  14. Yucca13

    Yucca13 Member

    I am sorry to hear that you have been striken with intense pain. It is very frustrating and depressing and, I think, very hard on us in so many ways to try and cope with intractable pain.

    I was prescribed Opana ER 40 mg. a couple of years ago with Dilaudid 4 mg. for breakthrough pain. I take the Opana as prescribed every 8 hours. Once in a while, I forget and I can really tell the difference in my pain level 12 hours later. I believe Opana (oxymorphone) is quite a lot stronger than morphine. I have also taken morphine in the form of Avinza. The constipation was a problem for me. (I'm finding that lemonade helps with any problems in that area lately :)

    It has been mentioned before, that people that experience intense pain may never have complete relief, but if it can be brought to a level where we can function and not just focus on the pain, that is about all we can expect at times.

    I have been "beside myself with pain" and have thought I didn't know how I would survive. Intense headaches drive me wild! Pain can be disabling and can affect our mental state a lot.

    I was reading about pain the other day and the different ways people cope.
    1. diverting attention
    2. reinterpreting pain sensations
    3. ignoring pain sensations
    4. coping self-statements
    5. praying or hoping
    6. catastrophizing

    I don't know if i understand all of the coping mechanisms, but distraction and/or diverting attention whether it be by reading, watching tv, talking with someone or sleeping to escape the pain works for me most of the time.

    Just know you are doing the best you can and it will more-than-likely improve one of these days. I wouldn't feel guilty in any way regarding pain relief. It is a human right to use what is available for pain relief. val

  15. gapsych

    gapsych New Member


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  16. Fibrolady37

    Fibrolady37 New Member

    Janalyn how are you?
    Ive always known that id need to go on stronger medication i was so scared when my doctor told me he was putting me on it i really was.
    My dose is stabalised now but my doctor said the minute it gets worse to go straight back to see him so i will do as & when i need to.
    Thank you so much for your reply im so glad to hear from you.
    My quality of life is so much better im so pleased about that i really am.
    I agree with you that those who dont realize the pain associated with fibro amaze me to.
    Thank you so much for cheering me up please keep in touch.
    May god bless you & yours.
  17. Fibrolady37

    Fibrolady37 New Member

    gap how are you?
    No i cant go back to the doctor at the pain clinic because he will tell my doctor to give me very very strong drugs to sedate me & i dont want that at all.
    I was totally disgusted to get to the hospital & be given no treatment,
    They gave me gas & air in the ambulance.
    Im now on a bigger dose of morphine.
    Im not gonna beat myself up any more its reallynot worth it.
    May god bless you & yours.
  18. Fibrolady37

    Fibrolady37 New Member

    gap how are you?
    No i cant go back to the doctor at the pain clinic because he will tell my doctor to give me very very strong drugs to sedate me & i dont want that at all.
    I was totally disgusted to get to the hospital & be given no treatment,
    They gave me gas & air in the ambulance.
    Im now on a bigger dose of morphine.
    Im not gonna beat myself up any more its reallynot worth it.
    May god bless you & yours.
  19. rosemarie

    rosemarie Member

    I am so sorry that you are having such a rough time getting help. I know that if I were to go to the ER I would be giving toradol nothing narcotic. There is a big sign up that states that class 111 narcciiitucs are not given for head aches , chronic pain ect. So if I gete worse and flare I don't go to the ER I stay at home and take my own meds at the doseage that my own md has prescribed for me.
    I am so sorry taht you were treated so badly and your ER would not help you ease your pain, I hope that you have a pain clinic and pain doctor that can and will treat you the right way for your pain.
    sending my hugs to you hopeing you feel better soon
  20. skikat

    skikat New Member

    i am so sorry that you have to take this drug also. i have been on it now for about 4 years. i take 20 mg. per day but now about 3 months ago the de. upped it to 300 mg. per day because he doesnt want me to take over 6 percocet a day because of the tylenol in it. i have not taken the other 100 mg yet as i am afraid of it. but he cut the percocet so i dont know what i will end up doing. hang in there and GOD bless./ski

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