I'm back again needing your help please

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    I haven't been on the board much as my life is in shambles. I am the one with fibromyalsia and my husband has alzheimers . Not only is it too painful to sit at the computer he requires much attention. But I need help again and this seems to be the only place I can get it.

    My pain is so much worse. I say I can't walk but it is I don't want to walk as it is so painful. I went to the store the other day and could hardly get to my car...then I couldn't get in it very easily as I sat on the seat but had to lift my legs into the car. I was certain I couldn't drive but I was able to. When I got home and into the house I was crying. I wrote to another FM person that told me her doctor gave her shots and they really help her legs. She spelled it dempromentrol one time and another time demprol. I want to ask my doctor about it when I go to see her Tues but cannot find that on the computer. I keeps saying do you mean Demerol. Does anyone know what it is so I can ask my doctor about it. My medicine isn't helping. Thanking you in advance dear friends. So sorry I don't write as often only when I have a problem but it hurts so bad to sit here. Lara
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    This group is always here. I do not know what I would do without it. I was a 'once-in-while' reader but decided to jump in. I hope you do also and feel better.

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    Boy, Do I hear you. Ten years ago I had my mother living with us (alzheimers) and a one year old granddaughter. I was still working 50-60 hours a week and daycare at home for the two of them.

    Now I've retired, but my fibro is much worse. Grocery shopping is the pits. I'm wondering if you could find a friend or someone to do it for you. Maybe there is a store that delivers.

    I try to have my husband go along (even though it costs twice as much for groceries) because he loads and unloads them from the car. Then I just have to put them away.

    My Rheumolotogist also discovered that what I considered hip pain was not from the fibro, but was from arthritis in my spine. She said cortisone shots were a possibility.

    Pretty new to this board, so I'm afraid that's about all the advice I have to offer. Hope you can make it work. How far advanced is your husband's alzheimers? I might be able to make some suggestions if you need them.


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    I am so sorry you are in such pain. I am not good onpain advice, but I wondered if your DH goes to day care place, or would he. Can you get some home help? I think you ould be doing too much with your own DD and needing more rest.

    Is there any volunteer who could help you with shopping etc or even with your DH?

    Many hugs to you I know others here know about meds.

    Love Anne Cromwell
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    Dear Lara:

    Sorry you are having such a tough time.

    The medication you are asking about is Depo-Medrol. I believe that this is a steroid shot. It mostly affects inflammation.

    I have had a shot every few months from my Rheumatologist to try to combat some terrible inflammation I am having. He told me that this shot is much better on the system than taking something like prednisone on a daily basis. The large amount of the medication normally acts very quickly (within 24-48 hours) and typically reduces the inflammation (pain).

    It also suppresses the immune systems responses, so you have to be careful when you have these shots...especially if you need to have surgery, or if you have any medical crises (infections, etc).

    Good luck.


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    Sorry to hear you are not feeling so well.

    We are here for you and always glad to read and reply to posts.

    I don't know anything about the drug you are asking about, but I sure do hope you feel better soon!

  7. Sorry you seem to be in such pain. It sounds like Depo-Medrol you are talking about.
    I too have trouble walking and getting my legs in and out of a car. I don't have the answer, I wish I did.
    Stress really makes fibro worse, I am sure you know that. Dealing with your husbands alzheimers must be so hard.