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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Vada, Mar 26, 2006.

  1. Vada

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    Hello everyone who responded to my earlier message. As of today I am doing somewhat better but panic attacks are starting up again big time. I am in an Intensive Oupatient Program until I leave for Utah. Thid program is only 1 hour long 4 weeks but I guess it is better than nothing. I am still receiving ECT every once in awhile. I have one this Wednesday. Right now my biggest fear is the fact that from 4/10 until 4/14 my husband will be in florida visiting with his mother whom he hasn't seem in over 4 years. She is getting older, has had numerous heart attacks and feels like he needs to see her. I encourage him to go. I will not be going with him due to medical advice and the fact that she smokes and I have asthma. Sooooo, right now I just scared to death of being alone with no one here at home as support. I have my IOP but it is only one hur a day. They have me scheduling my days with activities in and out of the house, but either my fibro acts up big time or I am way too exhausted to do much, so in reality I can schedule until the Sun goes away and it will not take away this constant fear and anxiety. Well I guess I have said enough for now. I'm glad to be one the board again. LaVada
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    I get anxious when my DH is away for three hours(LOL)
    so I feel for you.

    I hope the treatment helps you. Where do you go in Utah?

    Love Anne C

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