I'm Back, and my experience with "024"

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Empower, Mar 23, 2006.

  1. Empower

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    I haven't posted for awhile because I moved to a house. The move was very hard for me, but we are in and now I am trying to clean, clean, clean!

    Anyway, yesterday, I tried my sample of "024" and YUCK! The smell was awful! I couldn't stand it, it was making me sick to the stomache. I had to eventually wash it off and today I have a very bad headache. I wouldn't recommend this to anyone with MCS. Even my husband couldn't stand it

    Just thought I would let you know my experience with it.

    I did feel good for about and hour, but after that, the pain return in my back with a vengeance!
  2. rldja

    rldja New Member

    Thanks for sharing, but don't forget, not everybody has the same taste. Not everybody likes the same cologne, thank god, and so some like the fresh smell of camphor/peppermint and some don't. I guess you everybody knows the smell of camphor/peppermint and can decide on their own.
  3. dee3

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    Just wanted to give my opinion on this topic. I often have muscle knots in my back and go to work with A535 heat patches (or other similar). They get me through the day and don't have a really strong smell. I got some samples of 024 at my drugstore and was very anxious to try them. My husband applied it to my 'knots' and while it felt similar in sensation to other things I have tried, the smell is EXTREMELY strong. I used it once at put the towlette in my bathroom garbage. Two days later when walking in my front door you were still hit with this 'fragrance'. My house is quite large so you shouldn't be able to smell anything after that length of time.

  4. fibrohugslife

    fibrohugslife New Member

    I wanted to share that I have used the O24 spray and it works well for me in undoing some of the knots in my muscles.

    However the scent is very strong, I would highly advise you to open the windows while using it, so that the smell can escape. Keep others away from you, this may be a plus for you LOL.

    Also when you are finished with the towelette put it in the outside trash, because if you leave it in the bathroom trash, you will still smell it.
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