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    Well my friends at this board, It breaks my heart, but I have just been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia. When the doctor told me, I broke down hysterically into tears because for one, I was hoping that it was not Fibro and two, because someone has finally taken the time to listen to me and now I know why I feel the way I do.

    I'm in tears right now to think that my life will never be same anymore. But one positive thing that I do have and that is people like you to share in my pain.

    The doctor presribed me some medication, Yoga, an appt. to see a pyche as well as water therapy. Now I will try and seek counseling for me and my family as well as support groups.

    I'm glad that I've finally been diagnosed, but as I said before, It's sad to now know that I will never be the same me at least right now.

    Thanks for all of your support throughout this bad and painful experience.

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    Did he prescribe anything to help with pain? If pain is a big problem for you, you need some help with it until the PT, Yoga, etc. kick in. How are you supposed to do this stuff when you are in pain?

    Love, Mikie
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    So glad you finally got a diagnosis. I know exatly how you feel. I was just diagnosed in October after years & years of symptoms and feeling as tho I was just plain nuts because no test ever showed anything. I too cried, not sure if it was because of the diagnosis or because I was so relieved to finally get some answers as to why I was the way I am. I suppose a little of both, because the fibro is sure nothing to cheer about, but knowing what is causing all of these symptoms allows you to be able to learn how to cope.
    My best wishes go out to you!!! And good luck!!!!!!


    Prior to my Rheumy appt, I was instructed to have blood work done to ensure, I would assume, that there was nothing else going on.

    When I arrived to the Rheumy, we reviewed the results and all tests were normal. As I stated in my previous posting, I provided the doctor with a page full of symptoms so I did not have to go into detail. He took one look and stated that all on my symptoms were that of Fibromyalgia.

    The tests that he conducted were that of, squatting, standing on the heels of my feet, standing on my toes, he used this rubber tool to check my reflexes of my knees and for whatever reason, the inside of my elbows. He also touched some of the "Fibromyalgia" tender points which in this case were my shoulders, neck, lower back, hips knees and ankles which were very sensitive.

    He also conducted a nerve test to ensure that there was no nerve damage. He poked into my knees, legs, ankles, lower back and shoulders I believe. This was the most uncomfortable because he poked me with needles...but it was over in no time.

    He provided me with medication, I believe one was Ambian for sleep and some other muscle/joint builder that I can't think of right now. I still have to pick it up from the pharmacy today.

    Otherwise, he provided me with a pamplet on Fibro which also included a number for a support group.

    I hope that I was able to answer your question. It was really a very pleasant experience.


    He did provide me with some muscle/joint builder, but I found out from the pharmacy that it was not really pain medication. When I pick up my medication, I let you know what it was that was prescribed. All I remember was that of Ambian for sleep.


    The other prescription the doctor gave me besides Ambien was "Cosamin DS" 500 mg. I'm not sure what effects this will give me. I hope that it takes away the pain that I am feeling.

    Has anyone taken this drug before?