I'm back... missed u guys....have questions too

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    Hi everyone. I haven't posted in quite a while. I went on medical leave back in October with the hopes of maybe getting to feel better with the time off to rest, BUT, that didn't happen. So as of last week my 12 weeks are up. I have been sent for a nerve conduction test, and man it hurt, the man shocked me a million times,an EEG, a sleep lab test, more blood work, you know the drill, but no answers.... new answers anyway.... I mean, I know why I hurt, dah, Fibro, but you know how the docs are. I guess they want to check everything again, and plus the fact that I was getting these twitches, that we had no explanation for. Hence, all those tests, and still no answer. But I have come to understand via this board that the twitches also accompany us Fibromites, so now I'm not too worried. Why don't the docs know that? Anyway, I have applied for SSD, and medicaid, which I just found out I dont qualify, and can't afford Cobra, so I don't know what I'm going to do with all my medications..... Anyway, I filed back in November and I just got a call on my answering machine from a lady from SSD saying she wants to ask me a few questons. My sister got the same call, so we have to call her Monday. My sister is all stressed,(she get's like that), because she doesn't know what they're going to ask, and she doesn't want to mess up. I also don't know what she is going to ask. WEll my question is......Does anyone know what they ask..... both yourself and the other contact person.... and is this a good sign if they call to ask questions or do they do that with everybody? Any info would be greatly appreciated.... I know many have had to wait years.... but there were also some who got it pretty quick....so I'm really hoping..... Things are getting so hard.... with me being out of work, and him not having a second job anymore.... We just filed and cleared for bancruptcy, but we are still a month behind.... and now I don't know what I'm going to do when it's time to renew my many prescriptions.... well please pray for me. I keep all of you in my prayers as well. Thanks for listening to me ramble.... just wanted to play catch-up and all.

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    I have already prayed for you, and will continue to do so untill you let us know some of there awesome problems are resolved for you.

    I can't answer your questions on the SSD, but just replied to let you know you are in my prayers, and also to give your post a 'bump' and to welcome you back!

    Take care, and trust the Lord.

    Shalom, Shirl
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    Thanks Shirl....it's good to be back on-line, it's like a lifeline that I have really missed. Thanks also for the speedy response.... That made me feel good, and also for the prayers.....

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    Hi, Dorothy,

    Basically, I think she'll ask questions about how your physical ailments interfere with your ability to work and perform your daily tasks. Same for your sister; she'll be asked, based on her observations, how your ailments affect your ability to work and perform daily tasks. It is a bit nerve-wracking. If you have time,I really urge you to read some of the articles by Scott E. Davis. They're on this site and they're the best I've ever come across (and I've done a lot of research) about apply for Social Security disability. Since, for some bizarre reason, rules prohibit our posting URLs, the best I can suggest is that you enter his name in "search." Search results will list his articles.

    Best of luck,