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    Hello my friends! I am back from my vacation. We rolled into Baltimore a little before 11 PM on Satuday. Yesterday, I was barely functioning. Today is a catch up day with laundry and setting things back in order.

    Overall the trip was wonderful. The Canadian side of Niagara Falls was gorgeous. The American Falls are pretty too, but they don't have many exhibits, gardens, or places of business.

    We were hit by the remnant of Francis, while we were there. It caused the worst flooding they've had in the area in thirty years. Didn't mind the bad weather because of our wonderful rooms and the view of the falls right from our window.

    I made plenty of use of the jacuzzi. The downside of the weather was we had to squeeze the sight seeing into late Thursday afternoon-Saturday midday. Then we hit the road for home.

    I'm exceedingly tired and hurting, but it was worth it. I'll tell you more of what I saw later.

    The one thing I need prayer for was that we were rear ended stopping on a yellow light on the Canadian side. We've only had the car since July 2.

    Fortunately, t was only the bumper that was damaged-unless the frame got bent. It is a used car, but the body was in beautiful shape before this.

    Personal injury wise, we came out fairly well. Like I told the officer when we filed a report from our hotel, there was no way to figure out if I was in pain from the accident-it's my normal condition. My son right shoulder and arm were sore, but that resolved in 24 hrs.

    It be harder to get it settled, because its in another country. Please pray that it doesn't get muddled down in bureaucracy.

    I've got an overwhelming amount of things to do this week. My friend, we share the house with, and I are giving her daughter-in-law a baby shower Sunday. I also will start easing back into homeschooling

    I don't know how much posting, I'll get done, but I will certainly be praying.

    God bless all of you!
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    I'll keep you in prayer. Good for you for going on such a wonderful trip. I'm glad you were able to enjoy it too. The jacuzzi and beautiful view helped for sure.

    I'm sure the paperwork will be resolved soon. They won't want to have it take too long either.