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    I replied to the question "Where's Indian Princess?" Thanks for asking Dreamharp!

    Been checking out the posts today. Glad for the posts about Dr. Juguilon leaving the FFC. I just called her new office and look forward to a call back. I met her at the Grand Opening of FFC.

    Hopefully, she will accept Medicaid so that I can go to her.

    I'm out of Community Women's Shelter, in HUD subsidized apartment, still waiting for Social Security Disability. Have a computer now at home as of last night so I'll be on everyday.

    Hugs!!! Missed being here.

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    You know, I didn't miss you until I saw your name. People come and go so.

    Sounds like things are looking up for you. So very glad.

    Hope you have a good 4th. Look forward to hearing from you in the coming days.