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    Hello Everyone! I know most of you will not remember me, especially since many have joined after I left, I'm sure, but I've actually been a member since 2005. I used to read and post almost daily, but then I got a job working from home 12 hours a night (6pm-6am) as a dispatcher, so ALL of my time was consumed either working or sleeping. Well, I have been unemployed since October now and am currently going through the SS Disability process. All of my fibro and CFS symptoms have gotten MUCH worse since I was here in 2005, and this summer heat and humidity is trying to kill me..... I've been in CONSTANT pain for over 2 weeks now, and nothing is helping. But I am SO happy to be back on the boards here! I have missed the friends I made here and am looking forward to re-connecting with everyone!

    Much love and fibrohugs!
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