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    Hi everyone, I'm back, kind of. I'm still flaring and am so fatigued right now. But, I am feeling well enough to come to the computer to read and post if needed. Thank you Toni and Harmony for your concern. God has gifted me with your friendship. When i saw the postings by the two of you worrying about me, I felt so humble and cried. As I posted on the Chit Chat board, In the middle of feeling punky, my computer went down and my kitten bit into an electric cord resulting in seizures. The kitten is fine now and I now have a loaner until I can get a new motherboard. One thing for sure, I can say I don't have a boring life. But, at least I am here, Praise God. Harmony, could you write to me at a different email for now? It's deecrossett@yahoo.com. See ya later, friends. Deena
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    So good to have you back! Hope you can get your computer fixed soon but at least you have a loaner now. Glad the kitten is OK! Sorry you're still flaring and so fatigued. I know how horrible that fatigue can be. I'll pray you can get over it soon and start feeling better.

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    but i am sorry that you are flaring right now. thank goodness your kitten is ok. it sound very frightning!my bunny Fluffy chewed the cord to my heating pad, but it was unpluged. i allways make sure i unplug it whenever i get up from the chair,..and put it way up, out of reach.

    thank you for letting us know that you are ok. so many people are so ill lately, i guess i was letting my imagination get away w/ me.
    actually, i think i am overly sensitive right now [emotionallly], as my Father in Law is ill. i am going to post a prayer requst for him tonight.

    please rest up, and don't try to do too much too soon, it allways ends up hitting me back twise as hard when i do that.

    it's great that you were able to get a loaner after your computer went down.i hate being cut off from everything and everybody, when i was having truoble w/ my phone lines i thought i would go crazy![ i have to dail - up- we don't have cable here yet ].

    take care, and i hope you are on your way to being 'normal' healthwise, we missed you here.

    take care, toni.m

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