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Discussion in 'Transfer Factor' started by dancingnut, Sep 8, 2004.

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    Hi Transfer Factor friends. I havent posted in months, cuz my son was in boot camp, and I had to go to Texas, etc, and I couldnt deal with the TF. What I have been doing instead is taking 50 mg Doxycycline and trying to increase it up to every 3 days now, but it makes me feel yuckier. So, I end up isolating and I get very, very lonely.

    I havent read many new posts yet, but wondering how you all are doing with ABX treatment.

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    Mikie is on her way to Atlanta but she should be back on in a day or so.

    I don't know if you are up on the Marshall Protocol for using ABX treatment.
    On the homepage it explains his theory. I don't know how many are trying it but Dr Sujay had endorsed it and uses it with her patients. I hope to start soon.

    I am so sorry about your loneliness. I am able to get out and join exercise groups so I see people but after being sick for 18 years, I feel I am visiting a new planet! I don't exactly speak their language or understand them but it is improving. I certainly know what loneliness is though. Years of it.

    In case you don't know about the MP, it involves abstinance from Sunlight, getting off all meds and supplements, Benicar (a hear med to reduce inflammation) and very low dose ABX to keep the mycos at bay while the body learns to kill them. These mycos build colonies in the very cells that our bodies send to kill them (phagocytes). It takes up to two years to kill the mycos. But less if you are really good about living in the dark.

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    Yes, I see alot has been going on here in the past three months. What's up with the sunshine thing? And no supplements? Well, I have alot to learn. But the thing is, I cant tolerate much cuz I guess I have so much infection in me. All I can deal with right now is trying to get up to the levels of Doxy Dr. Nicholson recommends of 100 Mon, Wed, and Fri. I believe it has to help, but in the meantime, what do I do with my psyche? This is not living.

  4. spacee

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    Sunshine is suppose to trigger the mycos to grow more rapidly. I just printed out the first 3 months protocol and this is what it recomments

    1. Retrict dietary intake of Vitamin D. (Supplements and foods). Avoid sunlight and bright lights by staying indoors as much as possible. PROTECT YOUR EYES by wearing dark NoIR 907 sunglasses outside and No901 inside!!!. This alone may make you feel a little better while you are waiting to see your doctor.

    2. Buy an automatice B/p machine and monitor your b/p twice and day and whenever you feel particularly bad. Take it with you to each doc. appt.

    Then there are several lab tests for your doc to order.

    5. Begin taking Benicar 40mg every 8 hours (every 6 is perferable) to interrupt the inflammatory cycle and reduce the severity of the Herx reaction. Don't take the kind of Benicar that includes a diurectic. Very important that the HCT is not included on the lable.

    You MUST use Benicar when on the Marshall Protocol. I think this is where Marshall and Nicholson disagree. But Marshall says the sucess of the program depends on Benicar.

    7. After 1 week on Benicar at the correct dosage, begin taking minocycline (do not substitute doxyclycline) Start with no more than 25 mg every other day.

    There is more but I am just writing this to show you the difference between what you are doing and the MP. I am not suggesting that you do this because I am not a doctor.

    I think there is written somewhere else that you have to get off all supplements and other meds. But I haven't found where that is yet.

    I know that loneliness is terrible. Don't know if you can do any of this but at my worse I did the following at one point or another. Warm water therapy with aged people (not the water aerobics) this is usually called "arthritis pool therapy", had artifical nails put at a place where some people I knew went...heard what was going on in the town that way, go to the library regularly even if just to look at the magazines....the library has alot of "regulars". Some people do well with pets.

    But now I am going to revamp my life to sleep more during the day and be awake at night. So my choices of things to do will be walking at the mall, going to Walmart or going to the movies.

    I do know that I had a type of depresson that meds didn't help but the transfer factor lifted totally. When I didn't have the depression, I stopped feeling lonely. I think it was that I felt "sick" before and now I feel "well" and that sense of wellness affects the psyche.

    Annxyz posted that she would still take the TF even with the MP (or at least a small amount). I am not sure what I will do.

    Keep posting, so we stay on this journey together with the others.

    just your son leaving is a big blow to even well people. My doc's wife had a terrible time with her son leaving. Thank goodness I did'nt go through that. Don't know why I didn't.

    Hugs to you... Spacee
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    You have been such a wonderful support person here, and thanks for the info on Marshalls protocol. First, I really understand about feeling more lonely when youre sick. I think its a natural response to have loved ones around when you feel sick and scared. When I feel better, I too, dont feel so lonely, and the world looks like a more loving place. Also, thank you for acknowledging my loss with my son. It traumatized me alot when he suffered through bootcamp and then tech school. And the grief hit me again today. I wish he hadnt gone so it wouldve spared me all this pain.

    Also, I dont know if Marshalls protocol is good or not, compared to Nicholsons, but I sure dont want to crawl into a dark hole and hide out. Thats not good for the psyche. I like to be outdoors and around and about. So I just couldnt abide by his treatment cuz it would depress me even more. I will just have to keep trying to get on more Doxy and try what Nicholson recommends for now, and see how I do.

    Thanks so much for all the love,

  6. Mikie

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    Hope your treatment helps you. It took a little more than two years on the Doxy for me and now, I'm giving the transfer factors a whirl for the other pathogens. I can identify with the isolation. When I first started the TF's, I felt like I had the flu all the time. I didn't go anywhere.

    I'm in Atlanta now to get away from Ivan, but I can use my kids' computer.

    Love, Mikie
  7. spacee

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    Glad you are ok Mikie!

    I can understand why alot of people would not want to do the MP because of avoidance of sunshine. And see how the doxy has helped Mikie. I'm not an outdoors type so I guess it fits me! I am very fair skinned and I think the sun is actually slightly uncomfortable to me..I do love sunsets and twilight though.

    May we overcome these buggers whichever way we go!!

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    Did you feel better after taking Doxycycline for awhile? Sometimes I feel like I get a burst the first day I take it, but then a headache will hit me and I get achy, so I know I am having dieoff. But, did you feel it helped you get to a higher level of health, and if so, how long did it take?

  9. Mikie

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    Donna, it's a reallllllly loooooong process. My swollen lymph nodes, migraine-type headaches, IBS, low-grade temperatures, and sore throat went away when I started the Doxy. I felt really lousy when I was Herxing, though. I Herx hard and fast, so it doesn't usually hang around long. Problem is that I never knew when I would Herx--still don't. My own body now kills off the mycoplasmas, so I still Herx, just not as bad.

    The TF's are a different matter altogether. My head hurts, my lymph nodes are swollen, I am bloated with edema, I have a sore throat most of the time. This is due to the immune reaction to the TF's. They work differently than the Doxy or Famvir. Those are drugs which kill or starve out the pathogens.

    The TF's are like little vaccines which rile up the immune system and cause it to attack pathogens. TF's are harder to abide, but if they work, they will pretty much fix the problem without having to take the drugs.

    There is talk of a myco TF, but so far, I don't know of one. If one takes the Doxy long enough and builds up the immune system, eventually, the body will take over and the Doxy can be discontinued.

    For stealth viruses, I think antivirals are a good way to start and then go to the TF's. I believe the Heparin treatment has helped tremendously. I'm watching the MP and hope those brave souls who are trying it get well.

    Love, Mikie
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    Well, I must be FULL of Mycos, cuz I have to cut back to 50mg of Doxy every 4th day. Overwhelming my body with too much toxicity is counterproductive. So,,,,I will just have to bite the bullet. I went through this process killing of Candida, took months, but my fibro fog has been gone for years now, cuz I maintain that diet, pretty much.

    So, next goes the mycos. It was very helpful to see my live blood under a microscope. All clumped together, none of the red blood cells were moving. Very gross. Seeing my blood is real, no guesswork there, its bad, and I know Doxy will help, but I know it will take lots of time, which is discouraging, but at least I have a treatment plan!! Better than throwing supplements down my stomach as Ive been doing for years with no results. The TF I will have to deal with some other day, maybe never. See what happens, cuz the TF forced me to the couch all day.

    Thanks so much for the info you have shared here, Mikie and your continued support. We are the pilgrims and need one another.

  11. Mikie

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    When the mycoplasmas invade the blood cells, they cause them to plump up and become sluggish and heavy.

    I thought I was home free when the Doxy worked so well, but then some stealth virus reactivated and really hit me hard. The flu last winter practicaly did me in. I'm still not as bad as I was 3 1/2 years ago, so I know I'm making progress overall.

    I know the Doxy treatment is really hard on those very sensitive to it, but hang in there; it's working for you. No matter how long it takes, you will eventually will rid your body of them. If you feel like I do, leaving them to do their horrible damage in the body is not even an option.

    Love, Mikie