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    I went on Saturday for a round of blood tests and will be seeing my Dr. again on Wed. Will see what she has to say. I'm having quite a time with the amtryptaline. Really feeling dopey and sleeping a lot (although sleeping is a good thing for me after months of severe lack of sleep), but am having trouble functioning during the day. I am only taking 10mg, which I'm told is a low dose, but maybe I have a sensitivity to it. The pain has not abated and I don't get very far these days. Well meaning friends tell me to exercise, but that puts me into terrible pain - and I have tried hard - walking and using a pedometer to measure and if I go more that 5000 steps in a day I suffer terribly. Lately, in the past week, I can barely manage 1000. I'm hoping this is just a flare-up and it will ease off.
    I also plan to contact my Rheumatologist after I see my GP on Wednesday, but want to see what she says about the tests first.
    Hope all of you are having a good day - it's hot here.
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    Hi there! Were you coming to this board before, left, and then came back? You just said came back, so I wasn't sure. Well either way, welcome!!!

    I know what you mean about the amitriptaline. I took it for a few months and I HATED IT!! I had so many warnings from people on this board, but I was desperate so I tried it for awhile. Just like you I would sleep forever, wake up and feel like I had done the biggest drinking binge the night before. It was literally like a hangover!! I did not feel refreshed, I felt comatose and drugged. If you're having a hard time with it, tell your doctor tommorrow! Mabye he could try you with Ambien. You can also try Benedryl or Tylenol PM. You can get that from drug stores, it's cheaper, and it works for alot of people. Myself personally, I am VERY sensitive to sleeping meds. So I haven't found ANYTHING that helps. even supplements! SO I have to go back to my routine of 12 hours sleep one night, 3 hours the next, no sleep the night after that, etc. It's LOADS OF FUN!!! Good luck hon and keep us posted!!

    Big Hugs,