im being exposed to asbestos at work

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  1. hi all,

    a few months ago,a chap was going round at work putting some sort of sticker,up high on all the walls.

    he said he,d been told to put them up high,so the school kids wont tear the stickers off.

    anyway i strained to reach and look what the sticker says,and it says,these walls contain asbestos.

    in this work station,were i keep my supplys,theres this large hole in the wall,near the taps exposing the walls cavity.

    ive been breathing this stuff in for two years now at work.

    im seeing my doctor friday and mentioning it to him.

    disgracefull thats what it is.

    take care,love fran

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    The thing about asbestos is the harm, if and when it presents, can be 2 or 3 decades in the future after exposure. The exposure can be brief, or long-term. Although volume exposure can lead to earlier problems. The court awarded settlements have pretty much dried up because amounts at the beginning were given in large quantities. My Father died from Asbestosis and related metastatic cancers throughout his body -- near the end physicians would no longer perform any invasive procedures on him because his body, even his bones themselves, were toxic. He worked for over 40 years as a commercial insulator and belonged to the Asbestos Workers Union of America. There was no money left in the coffers even though 100s of millions of dollars had been awarded, with many companies bankrupted by the pay-outs. My younger brother died in 2001 at age 43 from mesothelioma. I have an area in my left lung where scar tissue has covered a single thread of asbestos. I helped do my Father's laundry and linens, he would come home tired and dirty and sit on the sofa for awhile, then each of us would share the sofa with him or alone, getting routinely exposed to the particles he brought home on his clothing, on his skin, in his hair. When I was in Jr. High, he let me work with him during the Summers for spending money. I'm monitored for asbestos related disease and more so since my brother's death.

    If you smoke, stop. Smoking and asbestos will give you lung cancer, there is no doubt. If you're eating at your work station, stop. Do not eat or drink near the source of the asbestos.

    The one upside of asbestos in our environments is that if it's left intact and undisturbed, then you should be fine. I find a bit of alarm that you mention the hole in the wall. Hence the advice that you go on record, by sending a certified letter to your employers, or school, or church, about your concerns, even photograph the area in question to include in your letter so that if some time, God Forbid, you become ill with an asbestos related sickness, you can have recourse legally. Ask that the documentation go into your medical record now, and have your records placed into digital format somehow, making sure you give copies to family members or place in a safety deposit.

    If you got sick from the exposure, the responsible parties should have to pay for your care and not you or your family, or your insurance carrier even.

    You can do this without anger or hard feelings, but I'd sure see to it now and not later.

    Asbestos is still used everyday. There aren't many materials that can withstand ultra-high temps like it does and it's used extensively in paper mills to insulate the steam pipes.

    Peace and Gentle Hugs,
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    I worked for an environmental engineering company that had a a department that exclusively did clean-ups for the removal of asbestos and mold, mostly in elementary and high schools located in the NJ area.

    Being near any exposed asbestos is so dangerous and can cause cancer, sometimes not treatable.
  4. hi all,

    ratswife,many thanks for replying to my asbestos post,and for your advice.

    i found a asbestos sticker hidden behind my work stations pipe,so ive got that sticker at home.

    ive also got video and camera proof,and im going to make many copies of it all.

    im seeing my doctor tomorrow,as regards my chest and telling him about my being exposed to the open wall cavity at work,for two years now.

    im feeling scared for myself just now,but i know i have to deal with this head on.

    thanks again for your advice.

    love fran
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    It's exactly as spencer writes. It's the "exposed" asbestos that is the concern. Asbestos that has been disturbed, broken, damaged somehow, which would allow particles to be freed.

    {{kinda makes it sound like they're alive, don't, couldn't resist}}

    You're on the right track. It merits concern and caution, sure, maybe not aggressive pursuit but diligence on your part in at least asking when your work station can be re-located away from the exposed asbestos. The main thing about my situation and experience to remember is the excessive exposure, far more so than on average for everyone else.

    There were other contributing things in my Father's case and my brother's. Alcoholism, smoking, diabetes. Both were at risk men. The place on my lung hasn't changed in 40 years. I get a chest x-ray every few years. My uncle who worked in commercial insulation just like my Father has no signs of any degree of exposure -- he's never smoked or drank, too. I'm personally not worried about myself, no more so than about diabetes which runs in the family. Being vigilant and that's enough.

    Your exposure doesn't appear to be this extreme. Still, you're making a good choice in acting in the ways you've shared. Hope your bosses are good people. Are they?

    Why are the walls being labeled? Is it an inspection of some sort? If they're doing some demolition in the future, hopefully they'll have everyone affected moved elsewhere until the cleanup has been accomplished. Keep an eye on them -- I would. {{winkies}} I'm curious! Good luck!

    Gentle Hugs,