I'm confused a little help please

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by trini23, Jun 23, 2009.

  1. trini23

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    Hello everyone,
    I hadn't posted in awhile, been sick and finally had gone to see my doctor about my second blood test after she did a redo from what the rheumy had given her, her test soo far stated low potassium, still waiting on the second test on magnesium...but she did give me meds called Aldactone, my blood pressure is high and she said this would help with that and the low potassium......before this test she finally ruled in fibromyalgia which I already knew I had, but she wouldn't give any meds for that till the blood test results came in.

    now she says I need to be on the Aldactone for a few weeks to see if that helps with the low potassium...I told her I read some people have fibromyalgia with low potassium, she said no....
    so okay now I am confused, I have read more then 10 people who have fibromyalgia with low potassium and low magnesium...so okay now what do I do, find another doctor or take the pills she priscibed and wait out till I see her again?

    I'm so frustrated, I started to feel like....FINALLY I found a doctor who understands fibro....now I am not sure. my pain doctors who I go see for shots is linked to her office and I absolutely love them, they know how to help me with my pain for fibro, I would hate to find a whole set of doctors just because this one tells me low potassium is not linked to fibro.
    should I talked to my pain doctors who have been working with fibro patients for years? I figured since he is well knowledgable with fibro and acknowledges that low potassium can be found in some fibro patients....maybe he can open my doctors eyes on my case. or do you think that may step the boundries a bit?

    please help, and I didn't read if anyone else have low potassium with fibro here, just wondering if anyone else here have a problem with it as well? and low magnesium.

    Thank you for your wonderful help in advance =)
    Take care,
  2. AuntTammie

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    actually I am a little confused re your post.....I mean, if you have found a Dr that you like and that otherwise seems very good, why does it matter what she attributes the low potassium to? Low potassium is a very significant and potentially dangerous condition and the fact that she found it and is treating it is good...... there are so many things that can be attributed to FM, but there are also often symptoms that people with FM have that are not necessarily caused by the FM (and far too many Drs want to dismiss everything as part of the fibro when that can cause serious issues to be overlooked - actually it would be better for her to make sure that there is not another cause for your low potassium, rather than to assume it is from the FM) as far as I know, there has not been any connection shown related to FM and low potassium (that doesn't mean that one doesn't exist - just that it is not known one way or the other)
  3. FMsaddenedspirit

    FMsaddenedspirit New Member

    I agree... low Potassium would be rather a undrelying condition or over laping one.. does not mean its caused from FM . the fact that the Doc has searched for this and not excused it as just part of the Fibro , to me means she is poss. a pretty good Doc. because so many Doc's want to just excuse everything as part of your Fibro . when a lot of times its not. .... my family Doc is real good about all my blood . work...
    I went to see him yesterday with a list of tuff I wanted checked.. low and behold he smiled and said.. let me show you ... and pulled out the last blood work ... he already had those thoughts himself... LOL... he was impressed with my reasearch though LOL..

    anyway ... I would allow her to treat the low potassium. this can be bad if not treated. your pretty lucky she is not excusing everything as Fibro like my Rhyume Doc does. makes me crazy.

    best of luck my dear.... Spirit ..... ( sorry no time to spell check )
  4. AlexC

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    I had elevated blood pressure and low potassium for over 3 years till it dawned on my doctor it could be a problem with my adrenals. It turns out I had an aldosterone producing tumor on one of my adrenal glands. Too much aldosterone lowers potassium and can raise sodium. If your aldosterone is above the normal range then push for a CAT scan on your adrenal glands. I felt progressively worse and could not lower my blood pressure through medication. After the adrenal tumor and gland was removed my potassium returned to normal and my BP is 110/70. A lot of doctors are totally clueless when it comes to adrenal problems.
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  5. trini23

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    I'm sorry, it was late when I posted this ,all day I was confused about what my doctor said.

    basically she ended up saying because of the low potassium ( now mind you she still hasn't gotten the magnesium blood report due to the lab screwed up on it and had to take more blood from me )

    anyways what happened was she said due to the low potassium she can't rule in fibro anymore since she thinks it is the low potassium that is causing my muscle pains, headaches, fatigue, memory loss....my daughter calls them brain farts *sigh, waking up with the head fogs, my IBS and many other symptoms..... now all I have is my pain doctors who rules in the fibro, I don't have a rheumy anymore, the one I did see once, ended up being a quack, she said she didn't deal with fibro and she was just a bone doctor, that's when I decided to go back to my general doctor who at first ruled in the fibro till the blood test the Rheumy did and she had me redo them and saw the low potassium.

    my friend did tell me to find a rheumy who specializes in fibro, so that is my next step, I just want to make sure If I do or don't have fibro, I don't want to waste any more money as it is I just got an upper and lower GI done, I read that may have some effect on the low potassium since I had to take LOTS of laxative type to get ride of everything inside so they could do the upper and lower GI, all in all , what I want the doctors to say is,....okay this is what you have lets treat it...and I feel all I am getting is one wall over another that I have to spend more money on to jump that wall over to find another wall...I guess I am frustrated and a bit depress over this whole situation, I just want this to be in order and it just feels I am loosing control of it all =(

    well thank you for the responds take care

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