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    I have had FM for about 8 years but I have just recently been diagnosed. What exactly is a flair. My muscles ache all of the time so am I just in a constant flair. I do have this horrible burning pain all over my body that last about 2 weeks at a time (I can't get out of bed) Is that a flair and just my muscles aching is my baseline? What exactly is a remission then? Do your symptoms totally go away? If my muscles ache does that mean I'm in remission because this is my baseline. I just was wandering how you can tell the difference and what constitutes a good day as opposed to a bad. Please help.
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    Flares come and go and they can last days, months and some people never get out of a chronic flare, those would be the people that are disabled due to FM. I have flares more than I would like..And, they are very dibilitating. When I am not flared up I am achy all over like I have the flu..But, somehow more intense than the pain of the flu. Hope that helps?
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    Flares are like a real bad case of the aches and pains and all your symptoms you feel having this DD. With me I always have pain everyday and fatigue. Flares are when your usual aches and pains decide to triple. You might also have more symptoms along with it. Its like you are just real sick and in pain. Hope this helps...Pammy
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    to me a flare feels like someone has taken a baseball bat and beaten me with it!they come and go. i dont get them as often as iuse to. find they are worse just before my period.a good nite sleep makes a diff too.

    be thinking about u
    kathy c.
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    You are no doubt in a terrible flare. They do come and go, but I usually have some soreness all the time, much differnet from the flare of Fibro.

    Goodday, is when you can function normally, but not lift, pull, or strain those muscles at all.

    I have had remissions that lasted as long as a year. As it is right now, I have not had a bad flare in a year, but I am extreamly careful what I do, rest after each little household task, try not to let things get me stressed out (worst thing possible is stress for FM), if I go out, I am sure to rest the day before and will stay in bed the day after if I feel tired or achy.

    I am taking Pro Energy (Malic Acid and Magnesium Glycinate) and ZMA (zinc, magnesium and B-6) for sleep and pain. This has worked for me for this last year.

    I am not cured by a longshot, but I am not in so much pain anymore either.

    HOpe you are feeling better soon, I know how awful this pain can be!

    Also, if possible, try to sit up, in a chair or walk around as much as you can. I find that if I stay in the bed too long, then I am all sore from that too! Sort of a catch 22!

    Take care,

    Shalom, Shirl