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    please help us my husband has FM and is on 900mg of neurontin daily he has been told to excersise but cant even walk around in the house very well. He asked for pysical therapy from numerous Dr.'s and been told it is not needed. the Neurontin is not helping him even though he has been on it for a year.

    we don't know what to do or where to turn

    we Live in tucson, AZ
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    You need to go back to the doc who is giving him the neurontin and tell him it isn't working or helping him. There are a lot of other meds to try plus he may need pain meds too if you can get them.

    I went on Coenzyme Q10, which is a dietary supplement and it has given me tons of energy and I don't sleep nearly what I have the past few years. I was just getting more tired and more tired and sleeping 12 to 14 hours during the night and then taking naps in the evening. I bought the supplement here at the Pro Health store and I can't believe how well it works. I take 50 mg. of the sublingual and if I miss a dose, I'm about to fall asleep by evening. I take it usually around noon or so.

    I can't exercise either because it makes me go into a flare.

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    Sorry to hear about your husband. Do you think he is having side effects from the neurontin. I was on it for about a year. It helped a little for my pain but not enough to put up with the severe dizziness and fatigue I was having from it. I couldn`t drive on that stuff I was so dizzy. Go back to your doctor and tell them this is not working at you need something else. A year is long enough to try something and get little results.

    As someone else said, their are so many things to try and every one is different. Do some reading of the posts here and I`m sure you`ll find some good things to try. If he has a lot of pain, I would suggest a heated mattress paid. He can turn that up when he is feeling pad and it will really sooth him. A bath with epsome salts(3 cups) and a med bottle of hydrogen peroxide works wanders to ease pain and is very safe.

    If you have any more questions feel free to ask. We are here for both of you.

  4. JLH

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    Is he on anything else, like Cymbalta? Most fibo patients also take an antidepressant--they are proven to help those in chronic pain. Cymbalta is new and has worked great for me!

    I also take the same amt. of Neurotin that your husband does. I also take Zanaflex, a muscle relaxer, at bedtime, which helps me sleep.

    Living in Tucson, there should be some facilities with a pool. If you can find one where they offer the arthritis warm water aerobics classes, that would be perfect. The exercises in the water, I think, are the only way to go! You can do them and not hurt at all. That is the best exercise for me, and I loved how relaxing it was to be in the warm water. He should look into that!

    And .... physical therapy does help some fibro people. I've been through it and they teach you some stretching exercises, etc. that are beneficial. But still, the warm water classes were best for me.

    Good luck!

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    Bumping for more replies.
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    I also go through days where the pain is so bad that I Can't even walk.Reason I had to quit working retail. The only thing that helps is to rest and to not stress. That is what makes it worse, the more you stress the worse it gets and the less sleep you get, the better nite sleep you get the better you feel.
    I also take 900mg neurontin but I only take it at nite to help me sleep to me it doesn t help with the pain. I have to take Vicodin when the pain gets bad but it doesn't take it all away. I also take seroquel, mirapex besides what they are actually for they help me get in a deep sleep.
    I also take cymbalta for the depression.
    Sounds like he needs pain med. to get him through this bad flare up, maybe a new dr. or go back into this one so he can see how much pain he is in. Usually your blood pressure goes up when you are in alot of pain. Dr. can tell when you are telling the truth. Fibro hugs >>>
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