I'm doing awesome on the "Patch!!!!!

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by cyberamy, Mar 13, 2003.

  1. cyberamy

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    I read Jaci's post and had to share that I too have finally found relief on the patch. I feel like I have my life back again!! I am soo excited that I don't ever wanna get off this thing 'cause I don't want to go back to that hell hole of a life I was living. I can actually take care of my kids, clean the house and it seems to help with the fatigue as well. This has been a God send, a Blessing!!! I have been on it for 5 days now and feel like a new person. The pain isn't completely gone but soooo much bearable. I am soo happy not to have to be swallowing so many pills. My stomach was so bloated and irritated and I was worried about liver damage. The doc also wrote me a script to help with the constipation. I can't remember the name , only that it starts with an Mi??
    Anyway , just had to share my success. The doc started me on 25mcg even though he calculated I needed to be on 50, but so far I have had relief!! I would encourage anyone to try it as I have had no real side effects. Take care!!
  2. tandy

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    I'd love to try the patch,and get the relief I'm hearing of from you and a few others!! I asked my Rhuemy about them last week.She will NOT and Does not prescribe the narcotic pain patches!!!(what a B!) I'm getting little pain relief now from Darvecet&flexeril~ I'm considering going to a pain specialist,since my primary and my Rhuemy both have a real hard time giving out stronger meds! Glad they work for you Amy!
  3. cyberamy

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    I think you would benefit from seeing a pain specialist.
    That's the only way I think I could have gotten mine. Let me know if you do . They work great for me and I hope you find relief soon! (((hugs)))
  4. pamela

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    Don't mean to sound stupid here but is it the Durgesic patch? Do you change it every 3 days and if so does it last 3 days? So glad your finally almost pain free...Pammy
  5. Frogdogger

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    So glad you're doing good on patch. What is the drug? I am now seeing a pain specialist. He changed my pain meds to 10mg compounded hydrocone with very little tylenol (liver damage from tylenol) The patch sounds good. I also have increasing IBS and would prefer anything that by-passes the stomach, etc. Please respond. thanks so much, frogdogger
  6. cyberamy

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    Yes I mean the Durgesic Patch. It is Fentynal which is a class 2 narcotic and is very strong but they make it in different strengths.I guess it is as strong as Morphine. It does not affect my tummy at all and that is what I love about it as well. I am able to move about so much more and I don't have to worry about killing my liver. Again to me it has been a God send! take care and good luck
  7. turtis

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    i started on duagesic about 6 months ago 50mcg and i love it . it usally lasts 3 days but sometimes 2.i also use vicodin 10/650 to help with breakthrough pain. it is always a benifit when people like us that have IBS can eliminate the amount of pills we irritate our bowles with.

    well i am thrilled that you are having good luck

  8. cyberamy

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    Nice to know there are others who are having great results! good for you! take care,