i'm finally back on board now,Q?? about MS fm

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  1. saphire27

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    can people with FM, have MS also?? I wil tell yall about everything later, i just to tired/beat to do it now, i probally wasn't even noticed missing. But the board seems to have been busy though. got alot to catch up on. missed yall!
  2. saphire27

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    I mean not imediate, but 1st cousins.

    I just swear sometimes i should be tested, but then i brush it off to Fm, becuase that hurts alot too.

    Alot of symptoms are the same, just a thought.

    i tell more at a later time

    thanks nancy
  3. FMS in October of 2001, CFS in January of 2002, and MS on May 6th 2005. Other doctors had me diagnosed with MS before then "verbally" but hesitated to do anything or put anything on paper, but, in may of 05, it was there in my records, by 2 doctors at Methodist hospital in Indianapolis....so I reckon that is the official "dx date".

    I've been seeing my neuro for monitoring of it since March/April of 02 though when my first MRI showed my lesions, at age 24.

    It took a TON of tests, history, monitoring, clinical exams at every visit for about the first 2.5 years probably, (he seldom does them now at check ups, unless something new comes up) MRI's about every 3-6-or 12 months, depending on symptoms....etc and, I'm still 'leery' (??) of diagnosis...

    Possibly because it's a disease that waxes and wanes(symptom-wise), possibly because I have SOOO much going on that......who could EVER tell what I have..it would be easier to say what I DON't have! (LOL) or, possibly it's hard to accept, and also... I just have very valid reasons to believe otherwise.

    Either way, my integrative medicine doctor has me on treatment for it, (alternative, of course, I DO NOT want any interferons with my immune system!! and liver probs..)

    So, anyways, short story long!(LOL--sorry)

    Yes, you can have both, my aunt, who has fibro, also has been diagnosed, she also has had a massive brain bleed which almost killed her, and suffers from an enormous amount of fluid on her brain still which has to be monitored, and the MS dx, fibro, Ankylosing Spondylosis/litis (???)degenertive disc disease, arthritis throughout her body, etc.. the stuff a lot of us get joint/bone-wise mostly for her, and then fibro.

    (((((((Take care))))))

    If you *feel* like you should be tested, and it runs in your family, researchers believe it's 1-5% hereditary, but, really don't know... ask for a MRI. You're the one paying for it, so why not, it doesn't hurt anything and gives you peace of mind.


  4. saphire27

    saphire27 New Member

    thanks for sharing your stories

  5. SherylD

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    I was wondering where you were...Glad you are back..

    Hope you are feeling well...
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    I have had two MRI's and they found a mass in the pituitary and 40 other lesions. Lesions were periventricular and subcortical. These are usually MS BUT my neuro said no just normal course of aging. MS lesions have something called "Dawsons Fingers" which mine didn't. One in five people have a Pituitary tumour and they can cause havoc including muscle weakness and bone pain. My second MRI showed no blood products in mass and they checked the arteries and they were fine. I have to have a third Mri with contrast shortly so will let you know what happens. Hopefully you and Sam will keep us updated so we find out what we REALLY have. Even if it is MS guys they probably will have a cure for that long before one for these dd's so don't despair. Good luck to us all in finding out the culprit here.
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    you have been through alot, sounds like alot of testing too. My dr hasn't said anything about MS, i'm just thinking its possible, i diagnose myself after researching, like with the RLS, & CFS etc. then i bring it up to them, then they agree, after some tests sometimes.

    Dr's really don't like it when we know what we have BEFORE them ,then they verbally admit to it, oh well.

    Sheryld, yes i've been on & off the board lately, cause i just don't get around to getting online much these days and that ordeal with RAIN, really ticked me off, i had to just take a break.I'm okay,just really tired today.

    How are you,yall keep me updated on whats going on with you, have a good night.

  8. Bren5

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    I have both MS, diagnosed 1997 and Fibromyalgia, diagnosed 2003.
  9. chris313

    chris313 New Member

    Do MRI's dx fibro?

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