I'm finally off of Effexor!

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    I am so happy! I have been taking Effexor for about 13 years, for anxiety. I got to where I wasn't having problems with anxiety anymore and I really wanted to get off of it. So over the past year I have just slowly gotten off of it. First I quit taking my morning dose and basically felt no difference at all. Then I started cutting my night dose in half and did fine. Finally I talked to the psychiatrist about getting off of it and she said just to take the half dose for another month and then I could quit. I have done really well. I can now feel emotions again. For the longest time I haven't felt any emotions even when I wanted to. I didn't like that feeling. Now, to be able to cry a little sometimes is a relief!
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    I'm really glad to hear it! I am concerned that one of the effects of Effexor was to cut off your emotions. The same thing happened to my niece, no real feelings for the 4 years or so she was on Paxil I think. There are very safe alternatives to these drugs like 5-htp, l-tryptophan, SAMe, and so on, which don't have often dangerous side effects.

    And for anxiety there's meditation and niacin and l-theanine and GABA -- nothing has to dull your feelings.

    Anyways, congratulations!

  3. Congratulation!
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    Congrats!just stay happy as it is the only dose for it.