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    After hanging around here for about 16 months and knowing both rheumy and I have had it on our minds and in our suspicions - he finally said today that I have FMS.

    He wants to send me to a good pain specialist he knows and have sleep doc work on starting me on Xyrem (after battling insurance) since I haven't been sleep well lately. They both seem a bit extreme since I don't think I have that bad a case of FMS, but I am already seeing a sleep doc, so we'll see what that brings, at least.

    I guess there's not much more to say since it really isn't a surprise. I thought it might still be a bit of a reality check to actually have the dx, but since I have already been having pain that he has kept saying isn't RA, what's the difference, right? Except being doubly unsure about the future and wondering if each winter is going to be worse, as each of the last 3 winters have been. Still, I'm glad it is finally in the open and diagnosed. I didn't have huge reactions to his feeling around my shoulders, but you should have seen my reaction when he brushed across my outer hips! Nothing subtle there, as he said. LOL

    Oh yeah, let me end with - my birthday is May 12 (FM Awareness Day)!
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    You've always belonged here with or without the dx....


    Nancy B.
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    Thanks much, you're both so sweet! The chronic pain thing was getting a little old this winter, hopefully it won't get worse each winter. I'm glad I know I can come here for support and empathy :)

    Hoping you are both doing well.