I'm finding these treatments little bit intimidating

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  1. zerped

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    Actually, make that a LOT intimidating! LOL

    Making sure I understand here, the main reason for taking "the shake" is to supply the body with nutrients it needs that are not being supplied by the diet, correct? The benefit is in what it gives you that you're not getting elsewhere, right? The benefit is not that it gives you natural elements your body would not otherwise get, which happen to effectively treat one symptom or another.

    I kind of assume here that somebody has tried just about any given treatment one can name. Has anyone tried doing all of the "other stuff" without going totally raw in foods they eat? How much benefit to things like excerise, meditation, supplements do when one doesn't go totally "raw food-tons-of powders-and supplement-stuff?"

    I'm not mocking anyone (but myself), but is the goal here is to restore your body to the best functioning level you can get, or to neutralize the effects of one's disease (i.e.-to return to "normal")? Thanks in advance.

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    all anyone can do here is express an opinion,i am at the moment looking into noni juice and have asked my friend a 'herbal bod' lol to help me with it to see what its exact benefits are.

    ok i personally try to eat right,so we all could do with watching what we eat right?

    at the mo i am on a great mix of meds and i have found a good level of excercise just right for me.

    its not about restoration its about living your life to the full and accepting that what was the full once upon a time isnt cause to beat your self up now trying to reach it. we have a new limit and its about enjoying and doing what we can with it and if it means experimenting with treatments to lenghten your limit then thats fine too.

    my biggest concern is that i feel much is said on new treatments and meds and vrey few ppl seem to discuss different suppliments with their dr.
    for example most ppl will do just fine on an a-z multi vit but lots of ppl load up on other vits as well and so take so many its making them sicker but dont realise until a dr says so.

    not all treatments are for everyone either,i find my dogs a great source of excercise comfort and fun but dogs are not for everyone.
    ok crap example but im having a hard time trying to say what im trying to say:)

    i have made good friends here as have many ppl and that in its self is a form of help and support,i think that if anything you see here takes your fancy then research it a bit for your self on the web and then visit your dr with your idea?

    ps i love the steam room (turkish bath)
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    I had changed my eating habits and begun to exercise very regularly yet I still continued to feel unwell, fatigued and having several other sx. This was all before being dx with FMS. I didn't understand why when I was consciously doing something to improve my health I continously felt worse and it alerted my PCP that something wasn't right. He finally sent me to a rheumy and I was dx with FMS.

    Out local hospital had monthly classes on FMS and the topic was on nutrition and FMS. The dietician recommended many of the supplements discussed on this board and many other healthy eating ideas. I still wanted a little more guidance. My rheumy was no help and neither was my PCP so I made an appt. with the naturpathic doc the dietician had recommended.

    Before that appt. I found another doctor mentioned on this site, Dr. Powell, and started seeing him. He knew a lot about the different supplements and uses them as part of the treatment protocol. It's much easier for me to have it supervised by a doctor, but it doesn't have to be if you do your own research and learn about it. My doctor uses a lot of the things recommended by Dr. Teitelbaum's book From Fatigued to Fantastic.

    My goal is to hopefully return to as close to normal and lead a fairly active life again, like before this DD depleted my energy level. I would rather deal with the pain than the fatigue. I will be starting the abx tx and hope to get rid of the bacteria in my cells so I don't have problems indefinitely.
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    Stormskye and others,

    I admire and envy those who have taken whatever measures necessary to get their lives back. I am here to learn from you and everyone else that I can. I guess part of my comment was meant to reflect the irony of keeping track of a rigorous treatment plan at a time when I can't remember why I have one shoe on instead of two! LOL! It can sound like my experience first taking Welbutrin for depression and ADD in 1998: to keep from forgetting to do things, I need to remember take my med twice a day. I'm taking the med (partly) because I need to be able to remind myself to take the med I need so I can remember to take the med!!! (OK, it's probably just me! LOL)

    Like I said, bless you for saving us much time and effort, and sharing what works. A mantra throughout my life has been, "Well, that's fine, but that kind of thing doesn't work for me." I've always been wrong about that and maybe 2006 is the time for me to retire that phrase! Best of years ahead to everyone!

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